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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 16,210

Journal Archives

How Could this be?

No one is discussing the fact that this virus will not stop until we test everyone. You canít stop something you canít see. Itís the first fucking step.
All the happy talk about opening safely is the height of ridiculousness. 40% of the people who have it, donít even know. How is taking their temperature going to stop the spread?

Why is it okay for white men to carry AR15s and scream in the faces of stoic police

without any reaction. Meanwhile black people are visited by militant police and fired upon with rubber bullets and tear gas for peacefully protesting the wrongful murder of yet another black body by police.

Itís so ridiculously obvious. Iím entirely fed up with the absolute worst among us being aloud to kill and starve and run chaotically amok of everything good and decent. I despise what is happening right now with every fiber of my being. My heart is ripped in a million pieces. Iím feeling such immense despair over all of the death. Although Iím not religious I have resorted to praying gods speed for the karma these soulless sub humans so richly deserve.
Fuck every republican and everyone else who failed to vote for Hillary Clinton. I honestly donít know how you people sleep at night, let alone carry on with your life.

Trump has no plan.

This is so true.


President Lincoln Condolence Letter

This, in every way, shape and form is missing from the Oval Office occupant,


Papers need to start printing the names of the dead in their county on front pages

Every day.
Somehow these numbers do not register as human lives. People do not care if it hasnít touched their family. Itís shocking and horrifying.
Weíre the shithole who does nothing while thousands die every day. Weíre allowing the lowest common denominator to decimate everything.
RIP America 💔

How simple minded of people to think the entire media and press corps

Is your enemy. That 60% of the people in the country will bring the country down to hurt trump. Because they would, and have done it to us. They really do think 90,000 deaths are good because the slobbering clown said it was. People so empty they actually believe kicking people off healthcare in the middle of a pandemic wonít affect their healthcare. They secretly hope the virus kills more in blue states Its a daily parade and a daily buffet of stupidity. Only a very paranoid lunatic thinks the entire fucking world is out to get them. I just canít with these people anymore.

I know how trump could really make America great right this minute.


Seth Abramson thread about bribery receipts.

Why does anyone find this confusing?

Trump's efforts to manufacture dirt on his presidential-campaign opponent Joe Biden were bankrolled by Putin agent Dmitry Firtash, who sought Trump's aid in taking over Naftogaz. Trump provided the aidócompleting the federal crime of bribery.


States are reopening based on the economy, not science.

The virus spread is not decreasing with the exception of New York, but theyíre just really-opening. There is no safety in any of these plans.
Because much of the country went into shelter in place it kept explosive spread in check for a time. That time is OVER. The level danger is higher than ever. I feel like weíre living in an alternate reality. I desperately want to wake up from this nightmare.
How many deaths is enough?

This is an honest question. I really want to know.

Why do covidiots wear masks to their hate rallies where theyíre holding signs saying itís a hoax. Or itís no worse than the flu or sorry youíre elderly or compromised we have to profit. They didnít wear the mask in past flu seasons?

I canít wrap my mind around their thought process. Every single thing they spew is upside down world.
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