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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
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What Would a Socialist America Look Like?

The real question is ... who owns America? The corporations or the rest of the 99% that make up all Americans

Democratic socialism means democratic ownership over the economy.
Peter Gowan is a fellow with the progressive nonprofit the Democracy Collaborative.

A democratically elected government should own natural monopolies such as utilities and rail transport; provide social services like health care, education, housing, child care and banking; and create a general welfare state that eliminates poverty through guaranteeing a minimum income, with assistance for people with disabilities, the elderly and families with children.

But we have to go beyond that. We need measures to establish democratic ownership over the wider economy, and eliminate our dependence on industries that rely on pollution and war for their existence. There need to be strategies to allow workers in the defense, aerospace and fossil fuel industries to repurpose their facilities for more socially useful production, drawing on the example of the Lucas Plan in Britain, where workers designed and published a viable “alternative corporate plan” that included funding for renewable energy, public transport and medical technology. We need a mechanism to transfer corporate equity into sector-oriented social wealth funds controlled by diverse and accountable stakeholders, which would gradually transfer ownership away from unaccountable elites and toward inclusive institutions


Mathematics top prize awarded to a woman for first time

Source: New York Daily News | Mar 19, 2019 | 4:09 PM

A professor from the University of Texas at Austin has become the first woman ever to win one of the most prestigious prizes in mathematics.

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters on Tuesday named Karen Uhlenbeck the recipient of its 2019 Able Prize. The international award, modeled after the Nobel Prize, is given to those who have made significant impacts in their fields and comes with a cash prize of Norwegian kroner worth about $700,000.

Uhlenbeck was cited for “her pioneering achievements in geometric partial differential equations, gauge theory and interchangeable systems, and for the fundamental impact of her work on analysis, geometry and mathematical physics.”

While the 76-year-old award-winner is best known for her work in the geometry field, she has also touched on physics and the quantum theory over the course of her decades-long career.

Read more: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-mathematics-top-prize-awarded-woman-first-time-20190319-dbb4hv5lgjh7lbcgsylaqrd2mm-story.html

New slogan: "Be Wise" ... don't laugh

With all the distortions, conspiracy theory's , and flat out lies in the daily news digestion, of bubble conservatives ... point out that they are not being "wise" ... biblical, historical, factual ... or as PATRIOT

Says he loves you, you need it, trump lovers deceived


Wake up ... college pay to play

For most of older folks we have always know that elite colleges had a set aside percentage for the legacy, the famous and the rich folks. Not fair you say? Well just an example of how the 1% keep their 1%. We knew it then. Now it is blowing up in their faces and we all act like the rot is new. No it is not new, just newly exposed. Back in the day it was nearly impossible to get into an Ivy if you were a catholic, from middle class or less, or person of color. .. Forget being a woman.

repubs let trump on the stage for debates

therefore they approved of him, never vetted him. I was wondering how many lawsuits the repub party will be party to?? ... his cruel and unusual treatment of immigrants at the border. So much more ... "Break the Law, Break the Jaw"

What I want ...

the most intelligent, the most experienced, the most trusted elder Stateswoman ... to take over after trump (AT) ... now, ELIZABETH WARREN! She can pick her VP from the great list of Dems. Why can't folks ever see a strong women with all the creds as above the field ??? Passion, with experience. Fight, with spirit. A Geek, with extensive knowledge of the ways of Wall Street. A record, supporting the Democratic Party values. No question, she is the complete package ... this is election going to ride on the economic future of everyday Americans. Time to raise our game. Not about the primary horse race ... but about a snap shot of our future President!

Create law that gun manufactures pay into a fund that pays for gun violence victims

... just like the cigarette companies. Hey, RW gun owners, this could be a good thing. Maybe our National Economy would not suffer the losses .... not to mention the cost of Law enforcement, health insurance or the lack of such.

Following the shooting in Las Vegas that left 59 dead and hundreds wounded, CBS Moneywatch’s Aimee Picchi wrote that, “gun violence in the U.S. also has an enormous financial cost, rippling through the economy in the form of lost wages, medical bills, higher taxes for law enforcement and lower property values, among other factors. Some estimates put the total annual tab of shootings at well over $100 billion, while others put it even higher.”


Money talks, Dirty Cash for college

Male sexuality will never be legislated (Viagra, rape, misogyny)

The way female sexuality is always under review by mostly male lawmakers. Now, discuss ... men thinkkk that they hold the gates to sex. So don't trample on their god given rights! Child brides, date rape, legislative oppression of the use of contraceptives. We need an Amendment to the Constitution. ERA
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