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KPN's Journal
KPN's Journal
November 11, 2022

US couple jailed for trying to sell navy secrets to foreign government

A federal judge has handed lengthy prison sentences to a US navy engineer and his wife for a plot to sell secrets about nuclear submarines to a person they thought was a representative of a foreign government, citing the “great danger” they posed to US security.

Prosecutors said Toebbe abused his access to top secret government information and repeatedly sold details about the design and performance of Virginia-class submarines to someone he believed was a representative of a foreign government but who was actually an undercover FBI agent.
Diana Toebbe, 46, who was teaching at a private school in Maryland when the couple were arrested last October, admitted she acted as a lookout at several prearranged “dead drop” locations, where memory cards containing the secret information were left behind.

The US district judge Gina Groh sentenced Jonathan Toebbe to more than 19 years and his wife, Diana Toebbe, to nearly 22 years. In August she had rejected earlier plea agreements that had called for reduced sentencing guidelines.
None of the information was classified as top secret or secret, falling into a third category considered confidential, according to previous testimony.


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Well then, all things being equal, seems like TFGs case ought to result in 22 years at a minimum. No?

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