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Profile Information

Name: Moshe Feingold
Gender: Male
Hometown: NY, NY
Home country: Poland
Current location: Ruidoso, NM
Member since: Sat Mar 22, 2014, 04:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,051

Journal Archives

Progressive Motorcycle Gang

I am a transplant to rural New Mexico, being apparently too old to live on my own (according to my doctor son, anyway).

So I have found myself living in the guest house of my son in the town of Mescalero, NM (which is basically Ruidoso, NM).

It's quite lovely, if a shocking amount of trees for a NYC boy. It's mainly an Apache Reservation, but there is a huge tourist area, replete with a nice horse track. We decided to go to the Sunday races, which opened for the summer Memorial Day weekend. Won $400 on "Cartel Cupid" to win.

Well, lots of motorcyclists came to enjoy the weather and roads, including hundreds of members of the Waco-shooting-famous Bandido Motorcycle Gang. Lots of "1%" patches and lower rockers.

Being a lawyer and former cop, I am quite aware of the significance of the rocker and the 1% patch.

Well, I like motorcycles and sat in an outside patio bar watching the bikers cruise by. (They were quite peaceful. In public.)

Interestingly, the gang had people of every race. Mainly Anglo and Hispanic, but also a few Asians and Blacks. Very progressive in a world where race is a big deal and Neo-Nazis seem to prevail.

Then, in a shock to me, being aware of the hyper-masculine environment of motorcycle gangs, a very interesting crew cruised by, also with rockers and full regalia.

They were all women.

If I were to stereotype by the crew cuts and tats (not to mention the leather), I would bet lesbian. (Obviously, I don't know this, but, if making a bet, I'd be willing to put serious money on it, and having recently won $400, was in a betting mood.)

So there you have it. A progressive motorcycle gang.

I suppose more meth can be moved with ethnic and sexual orientation inclusion.

Business is business, after all.
Posted by MosheFeingold | Wed May 30, 2018, 10:35 AM (22 replies)

FDR wanted Jews spread thin and kept out of US

Jerusalem Post
May 2, 2018
By: Daniel J. Roth

NEW YORK - New evidence suggests that as the Jews of Europe were being slaughtered across continent during the Holocaust, President Franklin D. Roosevelt did not want them seeking refuge on American shores. Tucked away in a secret vault inside the White House during his 12 year tenure as commander-in-chief, the newly revealed documents recently made public via the FDR Library paint a portrait of the President’s plan to ‘spread thin all over the world’ the remains of European Jewry.

Among the files in Roosevelt’s safe was evidence of a secret initiative dubbed the “M Project,” a study he commissioned that outlined options for post-war migration of the millions of Europeans, especially Jews, expected to be displaced by the war, according to Tablet Magazine. The project was first proposed in the summer of 1942, with Roosevelt enlisting the assistance of former diplomat and writer John Franklin Carter, who ran an informal secret intelligence service for the President, along with Carter’s colleague Henry Field. “I know that you and Henry Field can carry out this project unofficially, exploratorially, ethnologically, racially, admixturally, miscegenationally, confidentially and, above all, budgetarily,” FDR wrote to Carter in a secret memo authorizing the plan in July 1942. “Any person connected herewith whose name appears in the public print will suffer guillotinally,” the memo added.

The White House plan called for Carter and Field, a trained anthropologist, to seek the assistants of academics and geographers to survey “the vacant places of the earth suitable for post-war settlement,” specifically in Africa and South America, and the “type of people who could live in those places.”

Roosevelt’s initial choice to lead the clandestine resettlement plan was the curator of physical anthropology at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Aleš Hrdlička. A prominent public intellectual and disciple of the eugenics theory - the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics - Hrdlička was convinced of the superiority of the white race and obsessed with racial identity. Roosevelt’s relationship with Hrdlička existed years before the presidency, with the two exchanging letters for more than a decade. The documents show Hrdlička’s zeal for theories on racial mixtures and notions of human racial “stock,” ideas that appeared to strike a chord with the President.

Excerpted. More at link:

Posted by MosheFeingold | Fri May 4, 2018, 03:15 PM (5 replies)


Is this a brilliant publicity stunt?

Have the writing of Walter E. Williams legitimately changed his mind?

Have the Kardashian shrews ruined him?

Was Rep. Maxine Waters out of line for saying he "talks out of turn"?

Is Dr. Phil right that he's crazy?

What say ye?
Posted by MosheFeingold | Thu May 3, 2018, 10:54 AM (18 replies)
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