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Member since: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 01:09 PM
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Hillary Clinton needs to take a stand on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Just helping get the word out here, that Clinton has not taken a stand. If she doesn't have an opinion yet on something this huge, then she isn't qualified to be president.

Now, I believe she almost certainly has an opinion, she's far too intelligent not to. So, why is she silent? Possible reasons:

1) She supports it. She doesn't want to say it though, because it will hurt her with the left, especially union voters (and rightfully so). I believe there's an 80% chance this is the reason.

2) She opposes it. She is silent because this will put her at odds with the President. Sure, she's polling way ahead of everyone, but if Biden runs and Obama supports him, her support erodes fast. 18% chance this is the reason for her silence.

3) She really has no idea if she supports it or not, or something else. 2% chance.

So, what do you think she does? She can't stay silent forever. My guess is she comes out with a half-assed answer, like "There are many bad things in this trade deal, and I would have pushed for blah blah, but I'd grudgingly support this bill if I were president. It's better than no deal."

I support Bernie, but there are circumstances where I can support her. There is no way I will vote for her if she comes up with that reason and talks on both sides of her mouth.
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