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Paul Ryan on Donald Trump: ‘This Is Not Conservatism’

Source: NY Times

Speaker Paul D. Ryan condemned on Tuesday the proposal by Donald J. Trump that Muslims be barred from entering the country, saying it is “not what this party stands for.”

Offering a markedly stern reproach for Mr. Trump, who leads most polls of the Republican presidential field, Mr. Ryan said he had opposed including religion requirements in a recent bill to tighten refugee admittance restrictions because freedom of religion is “a founding principle of this country.”

“This is not conservatism,” he said at the House Republican leadership’s weekly news conference. “What was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and, more importantly, it’s not what this country stands for.”

Mr. Ryan has made it a policy not to comment on the presidential race, making his comments on Mr. Trump — “an exception,” as he prefaced it Tuesday — all the more striking. He said that in addition to having Muslim members of the armed forces and in Congress, there were many Muslims fighting terrorism alongside the United States.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2015/12/08/paul-ryan-on-donald-trump-this-is-not-conservatism/

Gotta give him some credit on this one, he was spot on here.

When are more candidates going to drop out?

The last one to drop out was Jindal. But there are so many more who are just clouding the debates. Pataki, Graham, Santorm, Christie, Kasich, and Huckabee need to realise it's a lost cause. I get why Bush isn't dropping out, because the establishment keeps telling him he'll go up in the polls and win. But the others? Come on.

And we're not perfect in this either. O'Malley has zero chance of winning, and is only hurting Bernie in close states like NH. So when do you think we'll see some more candidates drop out? Or are some waiting for the first primaries?

Paul Ryan Grows Beard, Is Very Proud Of It

Source: GQ

Paul Ryan wants to be more than just Speaker of the House of Representatives. He wants to be a cool Speaker of the House of Representatives, and he's going pretty far to prove it to you. Yesterday, one month into his new gig, the republican speaker posted a picture of himself to Instagram with the following caption.

"Waiting on confirmation from the House Historian, but apparently, I’m the first Speaker to sport a beard in about 100 years."

Read more: http://www.gq.com/story/paul-ryan-beard-reveal-politics-grooming

I wish more people in politics would have facial hair. The whole clean-shaven look for politicians has to go. First in 100 years is crazy.

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