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Member since: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 12:09 PM
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What if we beat the rest of the Axis powers like we did, but lost to Japan?

There was an old HBO movie called Fatherland which is about the US winning the war with Japan, but losing to Germany. But I would like to talk about the opposite.

Let's say we beat Germany exactly like we did. For some reason, we don't use "The Bomb" on Japan, and we just invade them. One million die, and we retreat. What would happen next? What would happen in the immediate years, like the 50's and 60's? What would the world look like today? How long would the ground war have lasted? 10 years? More?

Edit: Please folks, the purpose of this thread is to solely talk about what would happen if Japan had repelled a potential US invasion. Please don't make comments like "There is no way they could have won" or "They would have surrendered after the invasion." Remember, on paper it looked like there was no way we would not prevail in Vietnam.

Second edit: I'm sorry for not being more clear. I'm only talking about had they successfully repelled a US invasion, not if they attacked the US mainland.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies At 55

Source: Kotaku

Nintendo has just issued a short statement announcing that president Satoru Iwata has passed away at the age of 55.

The statement reads:

Nintendo Co., Ltd. deeply regrets to announce that President Satoru Iwata passed away on July 11, 2015 due to a bile duct growth.
Iwata was forced to skip last year’s E3 due to his poor health, and shortly afterwards underwent surgery to remove the bile duct growth. A few months later, in the wake of concerns over his health, he said via Twitter “I’m progressing well”.

Iwata first joined Nintendo’s HAL Laboratory in the 1980s, where he worked on games like Balloon Fight and EarthBound. He became a Director of the company in 2000, and in 2002 was appointed as only the fourth President of Nintendo when he succeeded Hiroshi Yamauchi.

In his time as President, Iwata oversaw some of the strongest (Wii, DS) and weakest (GameCube, Wii U) periods in Nintendo’s history as a video game company. In recent times, he developed almost cult status as the host of the Nintendo Direct programs.

Read more: http://kotaku.com/nintendos-president-has-passed-away-1717386412?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow

Nintendo Presidents last until they either die or are very old and retire. He was only their 4th president, for 13 years (last one lasted 53 years). Very sad news. RIP.

Hillary Clinton needs to take a stand on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Just helping get the word out here, that Clinton has not taken a stand. If she doesn't have an opinion yet on something this huge, then she isn't qualified to be president.

Now, I believe she almost certainly has an opinion, she's far too intelligent not to. So, why is she silent? Possible reasons:

1) She supports it. She doesn't want to say it though, because it will hurt her with the left, especially union voters (and rightfully so). I believe there's an 80% chance this is the reason.

2) She opposes it. She is silent because this will put her at odds with the President. Sure, she's polling way ahead of everyone, but if Biden runs and Obama supports him, her support erodes fast. 18% chance this is the reason for her silence.

3) She really has no idea if she supports it or not, or something else. 2% chance.

So, what do you think she does? She can't stay silent forever. My guess is she comes out with a half-assed answer, like "There are many bad things in this trade deal, and I would have pushed for blah blah, but I'd grudgingly support this bill if I were president. It's better than no deal."

I support Bernie, but there are circumstances where I can support her. There is no way I will vote for her if she comes up with that reason and talks on both sides of her mouth.

Staten Island special election 2015: Dan Donovan wins Congress seat

Source: silive.com

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Republican District Attorney Daniel Donovan has won Tuesday's special election and is going to be Staten Island's new congressman.

Donovan vied with Democratic Councilman Vincent Gentile and Green Party candidate James Lane for the seat.

The final tally for the election is not yet available, but the Donovan camp declared him the winner of the special election on Tuesday night. The DA celebrated with supporters at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bloomfield.

Donovan was long considered the front-runner in the race, as he is a well-liked Republican in a conservative-leaning borough of Staten Island that makes up about three-quarters of the 11th Congressional District.

Read more: http://www.silive.com/news/index.ssf/2015/05/dan_donovan_wins_race_is_elect.html

Unreal. The DA who failed to prosecute the cop that killed Eric Garner now goes to Congress?

Have you met anyone that has sided with Michael Slager (cop who shot Walter Scott in back) yet?

Thankfully I haven't. In fact I was pleasantly surprised when I went into work yesterday and spoke with this neo-con who ALWAYS defends cops. Even she said this was murder. So then I went to Free Republic, land of racist cop defenders. I clicked on a thread, and read the first 25 or so replied. Every single one of them was against this cop. I was shocked, because Freepers always take the cop's side.

So, have you met or heard on TV/radio/FaceBook anyone yet who can possibly defend this police officer? Even the hard-core neo-cons on my FB aren't defending him (they are silent, but still).

Suspected 'American Sniper' Killer Eddie Ray Routh to Go to Trial

Source: abc News

The murder trial of the man accused of killing the real-life "American Sniper" is scheduled to begin next month.

Marine Corps veteran Eddie Ray Routh is accused of killing Chris Kyle in February 2013, four years after Kyle was honorably discharged from the Navy. Kyle is the inspiration behind the box-office hit "American Sniper."

Routh's trial is scheduled to start on Feb. 11, pending jury selection in the days prior, according to the clerk for Erath County District Court in Texas.

In the years leading up to his death, Kyle had begun working with wounded veterans and, in some cases, he spent time with them on the shooting range. One particular session turned deadly.

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/US/suspected-american-sniper-killer-eddie-ray-routh-trial/story?id=28411163

Biden didn't clap when the President talked about lifting the embargo on Cuba

Does he disagree with Obama or am I reading too much into this? Before you flame away, please check it out again. Here's a link, it's at approximately 38:29.

Natalie Wood's death: a mainstream conspiracy?

By mainstream I mean you don't have to be a "woo" to believe something may have gone foul here. To those of you old enough to remember, what are your thoughts? Accident? Murder? Manslaughter?

The minimum age of 35 to be President is such an unnecessary rule

I mean, seriously. Are there that many 25 year olds polling ahead of Clinton right now? What were they thinking?

So how do you feel about UPS as a company, and why?

I did a search and only saw a couple of threads about UPS, and it seemed fairly negative. But why? Well, the reason I ask is because I just got hired as a seasonal driver (pay starts at $18.75/hr) until January 15th or so.

If I'm asked to stay on, I can join the union (Teamsters) after like 60 days. They provide top pay in three years, plenty of overtime, great pensions, and amazing free healthcare (apparently totally free, but that I can't confirm). So why some hate? They pay their employees very well and have great benefits. Thoughts?
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