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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 1,427

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He just went totally ape shit!!

Adam Schiff - 2020

I wonder how many threw something at their TV listening

to the Snorter in Chief's babble!

Can one be tossed from government service for a bone spur of the brain?

Has anyone seen the TV commercial for "Trumpy Bear"? While watching an old series

last night, I thought I was in a delusional state while watching the commercial. You can access the website and commercial at www.gettrumpybear.com. You can get one for $39.95 and $6.95 shipping! AND you get a Certificate of Authenticity with your order! Bet they are made in JINA! Unbelievable!!

Trump: "I love war!" The Maniac in Chief's insane words reverberate every time he opens

his anal mouth about Korea. He will risk the lives of everyone on earth to distract from RUSHUH and his malevolent financial dealings. He is evil personified!

How many times do I have to listen to the Trump lackeys say "the president has been

very clear on this"? The only thing he is demonstrably clear about is how totally unqualified he is.
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