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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 945

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Manic Mouth Mulvaney-Sheesh!

For those who have not yet seen and heard it, I strongly recommend former Justice Souter's

brief speech on The Perils of Eroded Civic Knowledge. It, IMHO, explains the rise of Trump and his base. Wish I could post the site. However you can access it with title of Souter's speech.

How long until Shitler tweets something evil and despicable regarding Bernie Sander's

arterial stent surgery!

Anyone watching the Global Citizen Festival on MSNBC?

Could the Biden/Ukraine situation be secondary as rationale for withholding military funding

to Ukraine with the Putin/Russian usurpation of Ukraine as primary reason?

Need some ideas for mob handles for Trump and mob. Donnie "Boomerang" Trump; Rudy

"The Ghoul" Giuliani; Bill "How Low Can You Go" Barr; Steve "The Mooch" Mnuchin.

Are Pompousassio and MeMoochin ready to step in when he pulls his tinfoil hat out of his pocket!

Wow! I feel good! I knew that I would now. I feel good, I knew that I would now. So good,

so good. We got you and you goin' down!!

Message to Congress: Duty calls. Grow some balls!!

The Debate: Castro just HARRISED Biden about his memory!

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