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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 10:01 AM
Number of posts: 1,253

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OMG! An intruder jumped the White House fence and got on grounds! Five will get you

ten that Trump will tweet that it was Obama trying to sneak back in!😱😱

The United States and the entire world need you


I just figured it out! Gretchen Van Susteren is Bannon with a wig!

Just called offices of Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and, as a Pennsylvanian,

thanked them for their courage in voting against DeVos. I actually got through to real people. I also called Toomey's office and expressed my deep disappointment in his voting for her.

The fix is in! Pissed!!!!!



I can't help myself....

And now there's "advisor" Steve Bannon,
A true dystopian loose cannon.
An alt right old sot
Trump's ear he's sure got
You can bet that it's Bannon who's plannin'!

Looks like Drumpfenfuhrer got a dye job on his haystack or a new varmint laying on

his shithead.

Pennsylvania REPUBLICAN Congressman Charlie Dent just on MSNBC commenting on the negative

impact of the Maniac in Chief's executive order banning Muslims from the "we don't do business with Drumpf" countries.

"To the Brave Men and Women of Standing Rock"

To the brave men and women of Standing Rock
who weather the cold and the snow
We honor your efforts to cease and to block
the destruction of life's water flow.
For centuries before the white man came,
you protected and valued this land.
Now corporate greed with wealth as their aim
make this senseless, immoral demand.
We stand with you and this land we love
as their mission surely will fail.
Together we call on the Great Spirit above
Mother Earth shall always prevail.

Cornball's Tribute
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