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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 952

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Get ready, Alec Baldwin, you're gonna have a good time with the latest "thank you" tour B.S.

Drumpf thanking the peepholes who voted for his sorry ass. He is bigly bat shit craaaaaazy!

Believe me!

Hey Drumpf, I hope you are watching a REAL President delivering his National

Security Speech. I would hope you might learn something from OUR President Barack Obama because he is speaking directly to YOU! But that ain't gonna happen because you are totally incapable intellectuALLY morALLY, and every other relevant "ALLY" that makes one fit to lead our already great nation. Oh God, we are so going to miss you, President Obama!!!!

Proud to be a Philly girl!

Michelle O. POTUS 2024

Just asked my husband if he would vote for Trump if someone gave him a million

dollars. His answer: No way. If you have no honor, you have nothing!

tRUMP with blue hair! Noticed this yesterday. Is it a Halloween costume or

is the nitwit trying to appeal to us little old blue haired ladies! Watching the halfwit blowing air in Loveland, Colorado.

Kellyanne Conjob is Trump with a longer hair piece!

New Jersey Gov. Crispy Creme Christie aka Trump Lapdog raises NJ gas tax by 23 cents

per gallon.

Five stupid words, snort, five more, snort, etc. snort....

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