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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 10:01 AM
Number of posts: 889

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A sincere thank you to the very kind person that sent a 💗 to me.

A confession... since the shitbag has been in the oval office, I have dropped the "F" bomb

more times than he has lied-and that's a whole lot!!

COCKWOMBLE - an obnoxious and foolish person. Trump is a COCKWOMBLE! Love the word!

Hakeem Jeffries-excellent presentation! He is fantastic and has a great future in leadership

for our country.

Dershowitz Defense: If he's unfit, you must acquit!

Re. Parnas on Trump and Pence-Can you say President Pro tem Pelosi!

I just gotta say thank you to all the DU posters who made me laugh today with their

brilliantly humorous comments! I've been in a f..k trump funk and needed some relief chuckles.

Just heard a "snortism" from Dump's Iran speech-"these historic accompliMENTS"! WTH!!

PHILLY PROUD! Danielle Outlaw just appointed as new police commissioner! She was police

chief in Portland, Oregon and previously served in Oakland, California. She is the first African American woman to take on this incredibly important position and will lead the Philadelphia department comprised of 6500 + sworn officers. She is noted for and has received awards for her innovative and progressive leadership with an emphasis on modern policing and building community trust. Go Danielle!!

Trudeau must play the violin. He just played Trump like a Stradivarius.

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