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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 08:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,838

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Switching from CNN to MSNBC while working thru

emails (tax prep clients)

I donít believe I have ever heard Andrea Mitchell be so unfocused.

It's funny. I guess our brains are different than Republicans. Do you hear us harkin

Back to GWB days? Reagan days. Searching for fault? Incensed with anger? And I think of their side. They are still carrying on about Bill Clinton! One of the most successful presidencies in the modern era. And they go on and on about President Obama... By all accounts a leader found once in a generation.

BUT we canít even deign to criticize this POS they installed in our capital! Oh no! We are political! We are biased! We are divisive!

Well fuck THEM! Iíve had more than enough of their ďmodelĒ leader!

So frustrated. And a bit scared honestly.

Listening to Cuomo. He is very impressive

in his management of this pandemic. It did seem that he had to start our stroking Trumps ego and sort of pleading for federal aid. Can you imagine if a governor (think Christy and Hurricane Sandy) would have had to stroke President Obamaís ego to receive aid? Astounding really and shameful and sad.

First three cases of Coronavirus surface in NM

Our governor declared a public health emergency. Two of the cases are a couple in their 60s that recently traveled to Egypt. A third is a woman in her 70s that recently traveled to NY.

Curious. Does anyone know how the CPAC attendee

contracted corona virus?

Can someone tell me what states have declared

a state of emergency? Thanks in advance.

Went to a local mom and pop soccer store a few weeks

Ago to buy my son a jersey and was told their inventory was low because of the virus and their inability to fill orders from China.

Thought of this as I heard Warren just now talk about the need to address economic repercussions of this pandemic along with the public health aspects that have to be addressed.

Gosh I LOVE these town halls! We have crazy smart caring organized impassioned candidates. I canít even imagine anyone voting for Trump.

Gotta say as a 58 year old.... I love Mayor Pete's

Sharp mind and the way he formulates answers. Love his passion as well.

Warren will be rising in the polls after her strong debate

performance. I will wholeheartedly support her if she is the nominee. Beating Trump is job one! I do hope she can further appeal to the AA community should she become the nominee. I donít believe she is currently polling well with POC. Perhaps she would choose an AA running mate?

Anyone having trouble with texting"MIKE"to 80510?

This message shows up at the end of Bloomberg ads and for some reason itís not working for me.
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