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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 08:07 PM
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Small moment in the debate Trump claiming 35-40 thousand at his rallies. Ya just another lie but a

Whopper! Aren’t they no more than 5000?

There is no statute of limitations on Tax Fraud.

Normally the IRS has 3 years from the filing date to audit our taxes. But if there’s fraud no time limit to audit. So this is why his 70? Million refund is still being challenged along with other years that are still under audit. Criminal!

Rachel looks beleaguered which scares me.

Haven’t watched any news for awhile and here she is just heartbroken and beleaguered.

From my Jewish sister tonight re: RBG

So horrible that RBG died today. Rosh Hashana began at sunset - I’m pretty sure every virtual or in person Jewish service will mourn her. Ours did. Well, let’s keep fighting!

In these busy days of onslaught of news I find myself

going to Brian Williams 11th hour. He’s quick always on point a good synopsis for those of us needing quick summary.

Anyone else listening to Anderson Cooper and Bob Woodward interview. Unbelievable

Particularly revealing is Trump speaking in anger really (and finally) knowing that he is f’d as far as Woodward’s book goes.

As an American I am insulted that this administration did nothing

to bring us together as one people to fight this pandemic. Remember the seat belt campaigns “Click it or Ticket” “Buckle up for safety” and so on? It’s not that hard to draw on our commonalities as Americans to beat the pandemic. Masking up should be part of all schools curriculum at this point. Should be bulletin boards everywhere masks given out to all. A universal website of FAQs. But instead we have people divided about a public health issue! Not caring about their neighbors or others. Arguing. It’s just astounding to me when I think what could have been. But I’m heartened to know what can be! Let’s vote!

Trump in NC speaking to WWII vets and of course had to take a dig

at Biden’s age and “sharpness”. Despicable and so predictable.
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