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Political discussion with Texan great nephew regarding

His preferred candidate. He will vote for Bernie
in the general. However if Bernie doesnít win the primary he will vote for Trump. Had little knowledge of other Dem candidates but did say he canít stand Warren. I asked him why he didnít like Biden. He said he thinks heís creepy. I said you think heís creepier than Trump? And he said Yes! Claims he likes Trumps China tariffs. I asked about the farmers in the Midwest whose markets were destroyed and we were bailing out. He thinks itís worth our tax $ to teach China a lesson. He thinks no real Russia election interference.
Nutshell: patting himself on the back for bravery of supporting Bernie but no knowledge of basic tenets of impeachment inquiry or Trump wrecking ball policies. His dad canít stand Trump as a human but is happy with the stock market. Neither cared about the deficit. Epstein and Clinton were mentioned as a defense of Trump. I asked them to explain the relevance since Clinton is not on the ballot and basically they use Clinton as an excuse it support an immoral Trump.

I really donít think there is a way to influence or change the minds of some Republicans. These nephews are bright and successful and donít talk politics generally. They brought up the political discussion as a topic to me to let me know that
ďthey arenít as fanatical as we might thinkĒ they are and they are open minded politically.

But they arenít open minded nor are they willing to change and reason or learn. The whole discussion was unsettling and I decided to end it before I got too worked up.

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