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Re: security clearance... just posted on FB

I held a "Q" level clearance some years ago when I worked at Sandia Labs. For me it was an arduous process to obtain. We moved around a lot in my younger days. Maybe 7 schools/towns before I landed in 5th grade in Silver City NM. I was literally having to recall and disclose former addresses when I was a child along with people (neighbors teachers) that could vouch for me (and my loyalty to America) as I grew up. My security clearance will always be a special achievement for me. Certainly wasn't easy.

So when I see people in these upper echelons either lying or not being truthful or omitting information on their security clearance requests I get very bothered because I don't feel they are recognizing the seriousness, responsibility, and gravity of being issued a security clearance from our country.

That is all.
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