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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 08:07 PM
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I would like Al Franken to come out and forcibly deny these "anonymous" accusers.

I would like to hear truth straight from him. I trust and believe him and I want to hear from him. First accuser ( only one on record disclosing her name) LeAnn Tweedon seemed partisan. Whether he resigns or not he needs to address this.

I have this dreadful feeling that Moore's

disgusting pedophilia will be drowned out by all these other sexual assault charges. Whether it be dem or republican... I think the pedophilia accused of Moore will either be diluted with all these other charges (which are also very concerning and serious)but none are of a pedophile nature. Frustrated that inevitably we will be seeing many false equivalencies (like trump=Moore=Clinton=Franken)

My future son in law just said Trump

negotiated the release of the UCLA players. I'm not finding anything that supports that conclusion. Ugh he's somewhat right wing no telling where he's getting his information.

What hurricane was it during the Clinton

Administration where President Clinton was on a diplomacy trip.... but came back to the US to oversee the response to the hurricane? I remember his concern and leadership....

Didn't President Obama deliver a weekly address? Via online?

Wondering if Trump got rid of that notion. I certainly wouldn't watch anyway.

Just saw Van Jones break down in

Tears over Trump anti-semitism. But I somehow remember him declaring that Trump "became a president" a few months ago... I think because he didn't stumble in a policy speech.

Re: security clearance... just posted on FB

I held a "Q" level clearance some years ago when I worked at Sandia Labs. For me it was an arduous process to obtain. We moved around a lot in my younger days. Maybe 7 schools/towns before I landed in 5th grade in Silver City NM. I was literally having to recall and disclose former addresses when I was a child along with people (neighbors teachers) that could vouch for me (and my loyalty to America) as I grew up. My security clearance will always be a special achievement for me. Certainly wasn't easy.

So when I see people in these upper echelons either lying or not being truthful or omitting information on their security clearance requests I get very bothered because I don't feel they are recognizing the seriousness, responsibility, and gravity of being issued a security clearance from our country.

That is all.

I've never listened to a Trump speech in its

Awful totality.... but seems some of these responses are lukewarm. Seems that he would get a much greater response from CPAC people.

Does anyone have a source showing

Republicans skipping Obama inauguration?

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