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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 08:07 PM
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Haven't seen one photo of Machado that might support the supposed

Weight gain. The video of her working out.... sure doesn't look much different than any other photos.

Trump lied. Imagine that.

As a mother of two daughters this whole thing has had me furious.

HRC has admirably debated President Obama

As well as Senator Sanders and other seasoned, strong, and knowledgable opponents. This gives me confidence. Another thing that gives me confidence is her rally in NH mere hours before the debate. Tells me her debate prep is done and she's ready to go. She's got this. It will be a pleasure to watch and the debate will provide a showcase for her vast qualifications.

Can't wait!

Flowers and Cuban ... the height of false equivalency!

Cuban is a private citizen that has no personal connection to Hillary other than being a strong supporter and critic of Trump. Flowers on the other hand has no known political alliance to Trump and only claim to fame is having an extramarital affair with Hillary's husband so many years ago. Is this the best the Trump campaign can do? Trump can't find even one "current" player to put in the front row?

Not going to second guess HRC campaign or Cuban on this as I do believe their decisions and announcement are sound. I think Flowers was a lame response by the Trump Campaign and I think she can only amplify attention to Trump' s own infidelities.

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