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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 08:07 PM
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Regarding June 16....

It seems we were all able to.have healthy discussions of President Obama's policies without serious repercussions. I'm curious about the June 16 date and what it means. Do we no longer discuss any opposition to HRC? Is this only for the election cycle? I will support Hillary in this election but are we prohibited from questioning or critiquing her in any way going forward?

As a Bernie supporter but also an HRC fan from way back...

Congratulations to the Democratic party for running these stellar candidates! O'Malley Sanders and Clinton. It's easy to be pulled down with the primary in fighting but if we all take a step back and see it from a broader perspective... our side is everything they are not. We are educated, dedicated, articulate, experienced, passionate, just and brave...the list goes on. Congratulations Madame President on your hard fought prrimary victory! Let's, together, defeat the Republicans and their shameful presidential nominee. Let's beat them up and down ballot! Go DEMS!
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