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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 09:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,840

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Blocked from the Clinton group from posting my thoughts as a CPA

On her capital gains proposal (more benefits to the wealthy) and her compromising promises (more of the same). Factual. They didn't even give me a warning. I went ahead and repeated the exact quote in GD P. I won't be silenced. Their echo chamber be damned.

I have lurked here for years and started posting a few years ago

I am having a hard time with a few of the posters and the repetitive constant lying and bullying. I know I can put posters on ignore but ultimately I am looking for a site where there's more of a shared progressive agenda...and where the main ongoing theme is shared by most members (money out of politics, education for all without staggering debt, good paying jobs, healthcare as a right, urgent attention to climate change). I feel this site is more a constant competition of our candidates. I sadly think Bernie Sanders has been the subject of lies, innuendo and dirty tricks. I wonder if remaining a part of the site in some ways reinforces this irritating back and forth take no prisoners politics of destruction that I find here. Do any of you post at Jackpine Radicals? I think I might check it out.

Hillary has got to do better with young people! Just read she got 12% of under 30 voters in Nevada.

That's anemic. If she wins this primary she will need Sanders help to bring in those younger voters. The Democrats cannot win without a large turnout which necessitates inspiring the younger voters along with the rest. I hope her campaign will make adjustments accordingly.

I am giving $66 to our campaign NOW sum total of my 3 millenials' ages!

24...23...19 years of age! I challenge other millennial parents to do the same if you can! Bernie has this New Mexico family's love and support!!! LOVE THIS MAN AND ALL HE STANDS FOR and we appreciate all he has done us his entire career!

Just turned in today even though my heart breaks that we didn't get

a win... proud of our candidate! Proud to be a part of THIS community. Let's tear it up in South Carolina!! Getting online now to give money to our champion!!!

After a discussion with a long time friend and client today about

all of the candidates Republican and Democratic alike it dawned on me that we democrats really need to raise the level of discourse in our primary. Here on DU I will read something positive about Hillary or Bernie and many times it's followed with a somewhat spiteful remark about the opposition. We're all passionate. I know I am passionate and inspired about Bernie Sanders. I just don't think tearing either of them down will help us in the long run. The Republicans are running some very frightening candidates. Just food for thought apology in advance if it is too lecturing.

All these wonderful photos and videos from Atlanta have me thinking of President Carter ....

A great man who walks the walk! Bernie walks the walk! I would love to hear what President Carter is thinking of our political revolution!
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