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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 09:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,840

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My 1000th post! We in the liberal community have to

speak in one voice! We have to remember that President Obama brought coalitions together to win the presidency! I am hoping we always have each other's backs. I want to thank the entire DU community for being a sounding board, an incredible source of information, and solace when things haven't always turned out the way we wanted. This website ROCKS! Let's keep talking the truth and encouraging the truth!

We desperately needed a lifeline from our President

today. Didn't happen. Feeling low. How can he just accept this new administration? Depressing. Feel he gave up on us.

I'm a dork how do I post a photo on DU?

My friends from the military that voted for Trump have been oddly

quiet about the Russian hacking. For the most part they joined in the 80s and idolize Reagan. Could it be that this Russian business is a bridge too far for them?

Lets substitute WWJD with WWRD (Reagan)

I gotta tell you with this Russian crap WWRD might resonate at least with some of the Trump followers smart enough to have a since or irony.

Trumps call to president of Taiwan...

And now all of this coming out about Russian interference in our election and pro Russian cabinet picks. Not even pro Russian more like Russian cheerleaders. China is probably spinning. Thanks GOP for destabilizing our world.

The one thing that can't be denied is that Barrack Obama still has the presidential bully pulpit. He needs to speak up and speak up soon. Help us frame that narrative. He needs to give the speech of a lifetime.

Bernie as VP. That's my 2 cents

on how Hillary could have easily won. She integrated many of his policies and ideas in our platform. Sometimes it was hard to discern their differences as they were both campaigning on the same liberal ideas. Why not solidify our party by bringing in Bernie and his followers?
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