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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 09:07 PM
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Can anyone give me information on how health insurance works for travellers

in Australia? My daughter will be living near Brisbane for at least a year. She will have a work visa. Thanks for any information you can give me.

My 24 year old daughter loves Bernie so much she started crying last night

when I told her Bernie was one of only two sitting US Senators to hear MLKs "I Have a Dream Speech" in person in the March on Washington and led the first ever civil rights sit-in in Chicago history to protest segregated housing. She already knew how great Bernie is on the issues and how pitch perfect he is on communicating his ideas in a no nonsense manner with respect and humility. To add this civil rights history along with the support for gay rights (told her about Burlingtons Gay Pride Parade in 81) it was too much for her. She cried and said "he's just too good for us Mama". I cried too. We both agree there will be no greater leader in my lifetime and maybe not hers either. And she said "We millenials need to vote and in big numbers and he will win". I said yep. Let's get to work for Bernie!

I am following Bernie's campaign closely and am amazed at his energy!

Events and speeches two sometimes three times a day while continuing his Senate responsibilities. A HC supporter remarked several times when Bernie first entered the race that he had been "loafing around Washington for years getting nothing done." Of course I took that poster to task and I wonder what she's thinking of his campaign pace these days. But honestly I mostly like to hang out with my fellow Bernie supporters here in this forum where so much uplifting positive action on DU can be found.
Stay safe, well, and rested Mr. Sanders. Sending light and love your way!

I love the DU Bernie Sanders group. I feel we have been through

and survived a tough weekend and our candidate continues to lead with grace and intelligence. Tomorrow I will go to Omaha Steve's Act Blue link and set up a monthly contribution for Bernie. What a rock star our guy is!

What if in 1968 Civil Rights Advocates protested Bobby Kennedy rallies?

What if they had demanded his silence and shut down his rallies? Unthinkable.

I know the situations aren't exactly parallel. This BLM situation and the disrespect shown Senator Sanders is not ok.

The campaign has to protect him from these protesters and tighten up security.

I wonder if an endorsement from Jesse Jackson would be helpful....

Bernie endorsed him in 1988. Or maybe an endorsement from some black leader(s) in congress. It's just appalling to see BLM unfairly targeting Senator Sanders.

It doesn't work with us because we follow his campaign closely and we can see it for what it is

But I am afraid the general voting public and the AA community specifically will not recieve the correct factual message of Bernie's voting record and the advocate Bernie Sanders is for POC.

Just started a random discussion with three middle aged ladies

all three watching Republican debate tonight. All three democrats supporting Bernie Sanders (like me) in the primaries. Here in Albuquerque .... Sometimes a toss up state. I expected total Hillary from them. We all will vote for our Democratic nominee!

It's ludicrous to say that Bernie Sanders does not support minorities

As I replied in an earlier post Bernie Sanders has fought his entire political career for the least among us and the least among us are of all colors. I don't like seeing Bernie slammed for this. That is all.
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