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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 08:07 PM
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How can Cruz run for president?

Born in Canada though he renounced his citizenship in Canada. How can that work? Am I missing something?

Patty Murray (D-WA)

Senator Murray is so often overlooked when we discuss the future of our party. I remember how great she did a few years ago helping get some Democratic senators elected. I think she is fantastic.

My son's high school soccer team took a field trip today

To an elementary school in a disadvantaged neighborhood in Albuquerque. They collected over 400 books and 100 gym bags and each kindergartener got five books in their own gym bag. The boys read to the kids in small groups and played soccer with them out on the playground. It was something else to see these sweet humble children so overjoyed and in awe of these high school boys. I dare say our soccer boys had an experience they will never forget.

Why shoot to kill? or why shoot until good and dead?

I just don't get the part of the police continuing to shoot when the victim has been grounded. Indefensible IMO.

Similar to the Trayvon Martin case the victim Michael Brown

Is being put on trial by the media I just can't stand this!

Question: Whar about Hobby Lobby dependents?

Daughters of female and male employees will be affected ... if they offer family coverage.
Wives of male employees will be affected.

Just a thought about how far reaching the SCOTUS verdict is.

No contraception=more pregnancy/children=TURNOVER

Turnover yields workers that won't work long enough to vest in retirement plans. It also reults in lower salary (no annual increase). And women with kids more likely to work part time not even qualifying for benefits like health insurance. So very many ways this SCOTUS decision screws women and families.

Where was the fearless leader Col. Riley? l

Any Interviews with the Retired Taker of our tax dollars?
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