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My mom turned 97 last month. In 1998, she paid 7K for a pre-paid funeral plan.

This included the funeral preparation, viewing and casket. A burial plot was not included because my parents purchased a mausoleum slot for her and my father. She put 7k into the trust fund which was the amount to cover the cost of her final wishes. The trust for the payment of the funeral is held by the state.

Things looked bad this summer as she came down with pneumonia. I took the paperwork to the funeral home to see what arrangements she wanted and verify that the trust was intact. The value of the trust fund is now at 11k but the funeral will now cost $14k. Most of the difference is because the casket she wanted, now costs a few thousand more than when she selected it.

My choice is to pay the difference of 3k for a casket that would be used for two days and never be seen again or buy a casket over the internet for $900.

On one hand, I consider a $9,000 casket to be a waste of money. On the other hand, it is her last wish.

May I have your thoughts on this while the need for a decision is not emergent?

I wanna start a new group just so's I can block people.

Report from New Jersey

I live in Essex County, about 15 miles from Manhattan.

Bumper stickers --- only a few for Bernie. We tend not to want to mess up our cars.

Finally saw one for Hillary last week.

Lawn signs ---- innumerable ones for Bernie.

Yet to see one for Hillary.
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