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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 06:50 AM
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This storm is bad..... Cars off the road on all major highways --NJTP, RT 80, 78, GSPKWY and on.

This extends beyond N.J. so if you are home, stay home.

It's 11:45. Where's the damn cats?

It makes my week.

N.Y.T. op-ed piece today..description of Bill watching Hillary's speeches ---

It like a major league ball player, watching his son strike out at a Little League game.

Trump supporters on public radio, "Here and Now."

Two uninformed women supporting Trump because he is gonna make Mexico pay for a fence and other such bullshit.

The clinker was when both supported Trump because he is a businessman and "government is a business." Well, guess what" Government is not a business. Business has a different outcome and financial structure than does business.

Unfortunately, the host did not challenge this. Probably because it would have stopped the interview.
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