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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 05:50 AM
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-have your own debates without Hillary.

The fuss is about the D.N.C. hosting only three debates. There is enough money in the secondary candidates funds to rent a venue and host their own debates. Two or three more would work.

CNN or PBS would certainly stream them.

Hillary can choose to show up or face an empty chair. Or Eastwood certainly would be willing to stand in for her.

RECALL THE BASTARD ! New Jersey Democratic Committee --All Hat, No Cattle.

So I gets another fundraising email from the committee about how they are going to do great things to stop Christie.... and by the way, a few $$$ will help us control the bastard.

We have the most unpopular governor ever, I replied. They and the unions have the mechanism to write, distribute and present a recall petition. "If you and the unions do something positive and constructive by organizing and filing a recall petition, I will contribute."

Until then, they are as useless as my left nut.

RE: Ashley Madison. Which family values name do you hope appears?

Ralph Reid would work for me.

St. Hillary, The Annoited in Iowa. A mother with a dying daughter approached Hillary.

The mother asked that Hillary support medical marijuana.

Hillary's response: It needs more research.

That is about as cold as Dukakis' response to the hypothetical question of what would he do if someone killed his wife.

ADDENDUM: After linking to the C-span of her walk at the Iowa State Fair, I am less unhappy about Hillary's response to the mom. While she offered nothing more specific in response to the mother, she did offer support. Still, what does that mean? Does it mean putting research money into the benefits and improved treatment that uses medical marijuana? Does it mean asking her attorney general to lay off prosecuting its use?

The link is about 12 posts down.

Her response begins at 8:40 in the link.
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