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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 06:50 AM
Number of posts: 3,595

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Hillary supporters: If the choice was between Hillary and Elizabeth, which would you choose?

Are Elizabeth's positions, values AND actions closer to Bernie or Hillary?

Why are you still supporting Hillary?

Students: Fight Racsim! Decline Your Rhodes Scholarships!

Winners of the Rhodes Scholarships should immediately decline. The scholarships were earned off the backs of black laborers. The racist apartheid South African government was founded with the support of the racist, Cecil Rhodes.

Soc. Sec. Repub. fixit plans.. none include lifting the contribution limit.

Why do you suppose that is?

So Hillary is ahead. As H.L. Mencken said, "Nobody ever went broke understimating the taste

of the American public."

I am switching to Hillary.

I was for Bernie. Then I heard Hillary at the debate... the way she took on the Wall Street Banksters and their behaviors that led to the crash of 2008.

She told them, straight up. "CUT IT OUT!"

That's exactly the kind of strong president we need. Someone who will stand up to Putin when he launches air strikes against Syria.

Yo, Putin, "CUT IT OUT !" Guaranteed to work.

Or if the Chinese decide to shell or invade Formosa.

Chairman Mao, "CUT IT OUT !" You just watch Mao crawl back under his rock.

That's the kind of action we need from a president.

Countering N.R.A. My suggestion, what is yours?

So what do they do? They set up a phone tree. When a law is introduced that proposes to make us safer, they use the phone tree to tie up legislators' lines. The bombard lawmakers' offices with phone calls.

The legislators get scared and the bill is dropped.

How can we set up a similar response to feckless lawmakers?

There is not but one god.

When you think on it, there are contrasts and conflicts in our world and our lives. To believe in one god leaves you to question how these contrasts come to be. Believing in many gods, each with different powers and personalities, provides answers to how these different experiences and events come to be.

-have your own debates without Hillary.

The fuss is about the D.N.C. hosting only three debates. There is enough money in the secondary candidates funds to rent a venue and host their own debates. Two or three more would work.

CNN or PBS would certainly stream them.

Hillary can choose to show up or face an empty chair. Or Eastwood certainly would be willing to stand in for her.

RECALL THE BASTARD ! New Jersey Democratic Committee --All Hat, No Cattle.

So I gets another fundraising email from the committee about how they are going to do great things to stop Christie.... and by the way, a few $$$ will help us control the bastard.

We have the most unpopular governor ever, I replied. They and the unions have the mechanism to write, distribute and present a recall petition. "If you and the unions do something positive and constructive by organizing and filing a recall petition, I will contribute."

Until then, they are as useless as my left nut.

RE: Ashley Madison. Which family values name do you hope appears?

Ralph Reid would work for me.
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