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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 05:50 AM
Number of posts: 3,595

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A positive change on D.U.

In the past few days, I have seen several posts that were "alerted." The difference is that juries are voting to keep the posts. Sometimes, 7 - 0. Today there was a 4-3 to leave it alone.

There are times when a post should be banned. But not because someone's feelings get hurt. If the post gets you riled up, challenge it. Debate it. Start another thread. Maybe the poster who offended you will learn something. Maybe you will learn something.

Re: Antonio Martin and the magic gun

D.U. had photos posted that were supposed to have been taken shortly after Antonio was killed. They showed no gun on the scene. Photos taken about 10 minutes later, showed a gun that magically appeared in the photos.

Is there anything more on this? Maybe photoshop?

When is the average American going to get to go to Cuba?

Write in for Warren or direct vote for Bernie if he is on your ballet

We might as well do this since we all agree that Hillary is going to win anyway.

Therefore, your write-in vote won't be wasted.

Edited to clarify this is meant for primaries.

Does anyone else have trouble concentrating on the D.U. posts and articles

when the Bad Idea shirt lady's photo shows up on the screen?

Using the "N" word instead of the "N" word.

I will use the substitute "N" word in order to avoid the post being pulled, juried or whatever.

It is the apex of silly. Everyone knows what you mean.

Use the computer can of air to de-dust the small apeture of a lens?

Good or bad idea

This is your fair warning. Be very afraid !

I am in a diner in southern New Jersey. The guy in the booth next to me is explaining Obama. He won't let Congress go to the border because the "so called, kids" are really gang bangers.

Now you have your warning. You can thank me later.

If there is any other news, I will add it in an edit.

Who's the guy with the iPods for dementia people.

He was featured on a couple of NPR shows. He brought iPods into dementia units and got the residents involved with recollections based on their songs from events in their lives.

I want to suggest he do a program on toys for dementia residents. I recall that one facility my mom was in had dolls for residents and several of the residents took pleasure in the dolls. There were no other toys. I suspect toys, dolls, model planes and such would go along way to improving the quality of lives of residents.

I would like to suggest this to him.
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