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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 06:50 AM
Number of posts: 3,595

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N.Y.T. op-ed piece today..description of Bill watching Hillary's speeches ---

It like a major league ball player, watching his son strike out at a Little League game.

Trump supporters on public radio, "Here and Now."

Two uninformed women supporting Trump because he is gonna make Mexico pay for a fence and other such bullshit.

The clinker was when both supported Trump because he is a businessman and "government is a business." Well, guess what" Government is not a business. Business has a different outcome and financial structure than does business.

Unfortunately, the host did not challenge this. Probably because it would have stopped the interview.

My MoveON petition - Hillary, release transcripts of your Wall Street speeches.

'Nuff said.

I want to be inspired by the part where she told the banksters, "Cut it out."

I'll see 'ya and raise 'ys one. Bernie v Hillary endorsements....

I live in N.J. and (Despite Christie) we are a Democratic state.

In my travels -- 50,000 miles per year, I have seen 3 Carson signs and/or bumper signs. Dozens of Bernie yard signs and bumper signs.

Not one Trump or Hillary signs.

Today, my uncle talked about his time in the Korean conflict.

He never talked about it before. Today he was talking about the bombs exploding around him. One guy responded by shooting a hole in his foot so he would be sent home.

I told him about Pvt. Eddie Slovak, the only U.S. soldier to be shot for desertion during W.W.II. Slovak was offered the choice of court martial or the front lines. He chose the court martial. My uncle said he could understand the choice.

Not much, but it was something.

I frequently drive my friends to the airport. Local charge would normally be $70., if they used a car service. Instead, they ask me and they pay me $50.00. I am asked if I want the $50 or should they donate to a charity. Depending on my particular circumstances, I take the money or select a charity.

They asked me to drive them today. At the end of the ride, "Do you want $50.00 or should we make a contribution somewhere? I thought about the usual charities I sometimes suggest and then it came to me.

Give it to Bernie Sanders. Suddenly, there were three happy people in the car.

Hillary supporters: If the choice was between Hillary and Elizabeth, which would you choose?

Are Elizabeth's positions, values AND actions closer to Bernie or Hillary?

Why are you still supporting Hillary?

Students: Fight Racsim! Decline Your Rhodes Scholarships!

Winners of the Rhodes Scholarships should immediately decline. The scholarships were earned off the backs of black laborers. The racist apartheid South African government was founded with the support of the racist, Cecil Rhodes.

Soc. Sec. Repub. fixit plans.. none include lifting the contribution limit.

Why do you suppose that is?

So Hillary is ahead. As H.L. Mencken said, "Nobody ever went broke understimating the taste

of the American public."
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