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Member since: Thu Feb 13, 2014, 06:06 AM
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Melania Trump to hold press conference in coming weeks about her immigration


Donald Trump announced Tuesday evening that his wife will hold a news conference "over the next couple of weeks" to address reports that she violated immigration laws when she first came to the U.S.

Trump said his wife would prove that "she came in totally legally."


"They said my wife, Melania, might have come in illegally. Can you believe that one?" Donald Trump told his supporters Tuesday. "Let me tell you one thing. She has got it so documented, so she's going to have a little news conference over the next couple of weeks. That's good. I love it. I love it."

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks confirmed to CNN that Melania Trump will indeed hold a news conference, but declined to provide additional specifics on the timing.
Posted by wheniwasincongress | Thu Aug 11, 2016, 09:54 AM (23 replies)

Clint Eastwood: Khizr Khan is "some poor slob"

"I think {Trump} made a mistake by making fun of the guy's dead son, but that's his business......The other guy {Khizr Khan} was being exploited by a political party, that's no good either - whether either party does it - exploitation. They shouldn't take advantage of some poor slob."

Posted by wheniwasincongress | Thu Aug 4, 2016, 07:22 PM (25 replies)

Say Trump refuses to debate - will they still go on with only Hillary?

Imagine her on stage by herself, answering the moderator's questions. Sure it wouldn't be a debate, but it would show she is ready and wiling to participate. Would it be good for her? And how disastrous would it be for Trump?
Posted by wheniwasincongress | Mon Aug 1, 2016, 05:24 AM (9 replies)
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