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Member since: Fri Jan 10, 2014, 12:54 AM
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Relocating from Oregon what should I expect?

Hi, looks like I am going to be relocating from Portland OR to GA for my work and looking to get some input on where I should be looking to live, I primarily telecommute but need to be able to get to Atlanta on short notice within 3 hours. I grew up in AZ but have been in Portland for 20 years and have grown accustomed to being around liberals and liberal culture. I am white but currently live in a predominately mixed neighborhood which I enjoy. I expect this to be a bit of a culture shock, I grew up pretty redneck but it was AZ redneck which is not exactly Southern redneck. My Girlfriend and I are looking for a liberal community, one preferably with some diversity and one that would have a decent gay bar that does drag shows. Sunday drag brunch has been our thing for years since we are not exactly religious. We are both college educated, I work tech and she does accounting so we make a decent income, not rich but do OK, we would be just on my income to start which is about $130k a year. I am in my early 40s while she is in her early 50s, although age is not important we are out of our college days but not quite ready for retirement. Anyways any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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