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Member since: Fri Jan 10, 2014, 12:54 AM
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Recreational marijuana in Oregon.

So most of you probably know that Marijuana is legal in Oregon and recreational sales opened on October 1st. I had not smoked marijuana since high school maybe 25 years ago and after some thought decided to give it a try since its legal, it was the legality thing that kept me away in the past.

Anyways today I went to the dispensary just down the street from my home and picked up two very low THC strains because I am a beginner, one that is supposed to be an uplifting high that is high in CBD and the other that is a mellow high.

I just smoked a little of the uplifting one and wow, it's really pleasant with me feeling quite nice and not too impaired. This is supposed to be good for pain and I could see that, you feel good throughout your body and it's very nice.

I really don't see what the fuss is about, this should be legal in all 50 states and it definitely should be available to anyone with a medical condition. Anyways feel free to ask me anything.

This is why I love Jon Stewart

The guy can really make anything funny and entertaining, even the WWE.


Congratulations Patriot Fans!!!

Be sure to visit nfl.com where you can buy your Superbowl 49 commemorative package which includes:

Patriot's tee-shirt
Patriot's hat
Patriot's DVD

and don't forget your...

Patriot's deflated football.

Girlfriend just texted me that there are cops all over our neighborhood.

I guess on the news there is a guy hold up in his home with a gun and mental health issues. I have a feeling this is not going to end well, and how in the hell did he get a gun if we already know he has mental health issues.

***On update, guess it's a knife.


Today is turning into a pretty awesome day.

Made lamb stew, watched the Seahawks win, watched the Patriots win. Girlfriend is off to see Dirty Dancing the play with her girlfriends and now I am getting to watch UFC fights. Sometimes it's good to be a guy.

Ugh, Notepad++ was hacked for naming their new release Je suis Charlie

This sucks, I was looking to download Notepad++ today to do some script writing, working from home today and I did not have it installed on my home computer and this is what I get.


There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God
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Hi NOTEPAD++, Today is your turn.
So you are "CHARLIE" !
Because the last notepad++ version (6.7.4) named "JE SUIS CHARLIE" !
So you think that Islam is terrorist !
Will i'm here to show you who is the real terrorist ?

- Q : How killed 1.5 Million people ?
+ A : France ^_^ !
- Q : How Killed most of Iraq people ?
+ A : USA ^_^ !
- Q : How Killed most of Afghanistan people ?
+ A : USA ^_^ !
- Q : How is the reason for the status of Somalia ?
+ A : USA ^_^ !

Now take a look in the world what's happening ?
1. Mali, Just 5 minutes of your life, open YouTube and write Mali .. Watch ! :/
2. Libya ?!!
3. Syria ?!!
4. IRAQ ?!!


Fuck cyber terrorists.
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