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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
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Hillary speaks for me

It's been a long wait. My 1st political hero was Shirley Chisholm and that's the era that shaped me. I remember not being able to buy birth control pills without a husband to approve, couldn't get a promotion at work because a man needed that job, raised a child alone and told to learn to type when I had to apply for welfare. I fought some battles and watched other women win some. I know Hillary and she knows me. I know what it took for her to push and push and never give up. So. I am glad it's Hillary and damn it,she does deserve it.

Uh oh the rogue Alaska delegation

Is fucking up the gop circus

Is trump going to pull a perot

Remember when had to drop out because of something about his daughters wedding and death threats? What if Trump has to drop out to save his marriage? Because liberals.

Hillary is giving a great speech

She nailed trump point by point.
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