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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
Number of posts: 3,580

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My precinct went 79% hillary

I took 5 people to vote this morning.

Is it me or is there an alert swarm tonight

In several threads, I'm in the middle of a discussion about racist posts and they're locked. Yet the actual racist posts are not.

Christie will do anything to stay out of NJ

Now he's going to have to run around the country campaigning for Trump.

I had a moment of mean spiritedness

And I may look back and regret this if we have president trump but I enjoyed watching Cruz get a whoopin'. He's the smartest guy, brilliant since birth, the serious guy, gonna take trump out. He let trump label him unqualified and a nasty guy. Loved watching his pathetic speech.

Is it too shallow to talk about trumps make up?

How does he get his face to be that color? Even boner looked more natural.

I just saw a purple Bernie shirt at the caucus!

I think it's a conspiracy by Bernie supporters! Someone was also wearing plaid, I don't know what that means.
Uh oh, update, I saw a blue Bernie shirt !

Kendrick Lamar

I had to stand up and applaud all by myself in my living room. I hardly ever do that.
Alabama shakes got me up also. All hail Brittany, ruler of the world.

Go get 'em Hillary

The GOP didn't wait for the body to be cold and tried to bully Obama. They opened the door and Hillary slammed it shut on Mitch.

Bernie is at best a mediocre career politician

What the heck has he done for decades and why pick now to stick his neck out? I think he figure since the worse that can happen is he still winds up with pension and healthcare if he loses, why not run for president. He's kept a low profile in public office for decades, nice way to keep his job because his other career choice was folk singer.

Bernie mistaking anger for passion.

Bernie strikes me as being very cold and detached. Sure he's been yelling the same thing over and over for years, but you don't hear any kind of empathy in his speeches. He only connects with people who are angry already.
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