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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
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No charges on the Scott killing

I watched the news conference. Most of it was bullshit & smearing the dead victim.

I wrote this for my Nigerian Muslim friend

It is my take on the neimoller quote for the era of trump.

I am a Muslim, a Jew an atheist
I am black,brown,yellow
I am gay, I am trans
My tribe is the 1st people & we have been here forever
My tribe is Igbo from Nigeria & I have just arrived
I am poor from the valley of dirt.
I am poor from the valley of concrete.
I can't make bail
I am sick
I am too young & too old to fight for myself

I am your shield, as surely as they come for you, they will come for me.

Things are going very bad at the pipeline protest

I'm on my phone & too stupid to figure out how to link to twitter but unarmed protesters are being attacked on Sunday night in the dark when no one is watching. The handful of journos there are demanding national coverage. Water cannons in sub freezing temps. This is life threatening shit going on to protect the fossil fuel industry & investors
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