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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
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The only thing I find amusing about Bloomberg is

He has way more money than trump and he's not had all those pesky financial problems like trump has. He could very easily hit trump in his ego.

Hillary must have done well

Judging by the outrage of some Bernie supporters™. They only get this way when no one is being fair to Bernie. No one.

Sarah is claiming her son has ptsd

Wasn't he the one who had problems before he enlisted?

Hillary looks great tonight

She is ready for the night!

Sincere question about Bernie, god help me, I'm going into gd.

I am going to start off saying I support HRC. I could easily vote for Bernie in the GE. I have nothing against him but think Hillary might be able to get more done and I believe she will not be distracted from women's issues. Otoh I appreciate Bernie has made income inequality a cornerstone of his campaign and agree it is not to be dismissed.
I am just wondering what you all expect from Bernie. I think he's going to get opposition like no one has seen yet and I wonder if he is willing to compromise and if he is, will there be a backlash from dems against him like Obama got. I think Obama got some big things done but I also think because I remember the blue dogs being nearly as intractable as the GOP he got jammed up before he got rolling.
So I quess I'm asking do you expect Bernie to push for single payer even if there is no chance of Congress passing it in hopes that by the midterm more progressives get elected or would you accept that he make changes to the aca until he can get single payer?
I don't see enough of a change coming to Congress in this election because one of the failings of the dem party is a lack of support on the local.level to bring up young progressive leadership. They just don't leap into congressional seats.

Does anyone think the yeehawdists

Lost their right to bear arms?

Je suis Burn Oregon

Too soon?
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