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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
Number of posts: 3,580

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What happened to braves thread ?

I was crafting a well thought out response to braves thread in post mortem & can't find it.
I'm asking in this forum because well .....

No charges on the Scott killing

I watched the news conference. Most of it was bullshit & smearing the dead victim.

I wrote this for my Nigerian Muslim friend

It is my take on the neimoller quote for the era of trump.

I am a Muslim, a Jew an atheist
I am black,brown,yellow
I am gay, I am trans
My tribe is the 1st people & we have been here forever
My tribe is Igbo from Nigeria & I have just arrived
I am poor from the valley of dirt.
I am poor from the valley of concrete.
I can't make bail
I am sick
I am too young & too old to fight for myself

I am your shield, as surely as they come for you, they will come for me.

Things are going very bad at the pipeline protest

I'm on my phone & too stupid to figure out how to link to twitter but unarmed protesters are being attacked on Sunday night in the dark when no one is watching. The handful of journos there are demanding national coverage. Water cannons in sub freezing temps. This is life threatening shit going on to protect the fossil fuel industry & investors

Has anyone heard from grits?

Or did I miss it? I've been worried about her & other du ers in the low country. I heard from my 3 friends irl who were in Georgetown Myrtle Beach & Elizabeth city.

Hillary's opening statement should start

I know my opponent put restrictions on fact checking him ( look straight into camera) but feel free to fact check me at any time during the debate. I'm not going to waste your valuable time by countering every lie he tells but rather present my vision for the future. There is nothing stopping you, the American voter from fact checking my opponent in real time,even though the moderator won't. With that said, let me talk about what I will do as president.

The police and tbi

Mr Scott's killing reminded me of a patient I had years ago. I had gotten a call that a black male was being brought into the crisis unit after having a violent psychotic episode in the community. What saved his life I think was someone decided he needed a hospital instead of jail.
Anyway they said he was tearing up a store and threatening to kill people. Before he got to me his mother called and informed me he was a war vet, had suffered a blast injury & tbi as well as ptsd. When he got to me, 6 cops bought him in, he had been tasered, he had bruises & abrasions, he was cuffed & had leg irons and they carried him in. He was unable to follow the multiple contradictory commands and was still trying to fight the police. I told them to take him out of the hall and bring him to a seclusion room and then I told them to step away from him. The cops disagreed and said he was dangerous and they wouldn't help me if he attacked me. I said fine.
The 1st thing I said was thank you for your service. I lowered my voice and told him I was a nurse, that I would put my body between him and anyone who tried to hurt him but in order to take his restraints off he had to listen to everything I told him. I told the officers to stand in the hall. He heard me order them out and saw them leave. I told him I had control of the situation but was going to let him tell me when I could remove the cuffs. The cops were pissed because it was taking too long but I told them they were in my house with my rules.
So he told me to release the restraints and I did and he cried in my arms. Later he explained he had a flashback and couldn't understand all the noise around him, he said they were speaking a language that was not English.

Trump can now pay himself $5mil

Remember when trump said he'd donate $5m to who ever proves Obama was born here? He can get the foundation to use other people's $ to pay him for proof.

I confess I had a medical emergency today

It's not terribly hot, mid 80's but very humid in Virginia. I was out doing yard work and cleaning the dogs yard. I pushed myself to get finished but admit I started feeling woozy and staggered up to my porch sweating profusely and had to stop and take a breath before climbing up the 3 steps to my porch. I'm feeling much better after taking the extraordinary life saving measurs of getting a drink of water and sitting in front of a fan. Whew, that was near death.

interesting, so trump is rebuilding tony perkins house


and I bet the money didn't come from trump anyway
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