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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
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Give Bernie some respect, the guy isn't an idiot

1st off, I lean towards Hillary. I'll get that out of the way in full disclosure.
I see comments by Bernie supporters about the blm protest and come to the conclusion they aren't giving Bernie the credit he does deserve. I can't believe that in decades of political and activist life that Bernie's feelings would be so hurt by one disruption at an event that he would turn off dialogue to an important voting block. Seriously he may have been irritated but some of you are claiming blm is burning their bridges. Are you kidding? I give Bernie some credit here. He protested, he got in people's faces to be heard, he made people uncomfortable, he shouted, he pushed causes.
I like the guy but this goes for the rest of them too, the dem party is not owed anyone's vote. The candidate that does something about it will win.

Trump must provide his medical records.

The poor man must be terribly to have gotten that medical deferment. How do we know he can perform the duties of the president?
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