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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
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Our response to France.

I will preface this with France is our ally by history and treaty, so we will support France.
I am listening and reading the reaction of people who want to bomb them to the stone age, send troops, burn the oil fields and nuke them. I'm trying to figure out what the fuck they're talking about.
This approach seems to ignore that these countries are sovereign nations and without them inviting us in we would have to declare war on their governments. I keep hearing about re invading Iraq, do these lunatics understand we would have to declare war in order to do that? So we would have to fight Isis and the Iraq military. Same with Syria. We would have to declare war on Syria. Iran and Russia would be thrilled.
Another thing this has morphed into this happened to us. No it happened in France. And it's Obama's fault. He is not the president of France. Yet he is weak and to blame. This is deranged.
Let's put this into some kind of perspective. At least 8 terrorists attacked 6 venues in a large city. This wasn't an attack by a foreign government. There is no country to bomb. I suspect either these terrorists were home grown or recently returned from fighting in the mid east. They may be french citizens. Should we invade France ?
The other thing I hear from the right is screaming about our borders, yet the people who attacked us did not sneak across our borders and the lone wolf attacks that occured here were from American citizens or people entering legally. Obama has kept us safe. France could have all intel in the world but because the EU has free travel between EU countries it would be hard for them to know who is in France. The EU essentially dissolved its borders for economic reasons. That is not what is happening here. Trying to conflate our borders issues with an eu country is ludicrous.
So far Obama hasn't done anything stupid and I am very thankful he is our president, not McCain or mitt.
It is this sort of thing that convinces me I will vote for whoever the dem nominee is, even if not my 1st choice because Trump, Cruz or Carson.

I will post before the pundits

All 3 presented themselves well and no surprises. All 3 fell flat in spots. I could vote for any of them.
Bernie missed on blm issues. Hillary missed on war. OMalley missed on his record in Baltimore.

Ben Carson is having a meltdown

Watching Ben getting ready to I dunno pull out a knife during this press conference or something.
I think his supporters are going to love this.

New deranged right-wing ct

I was wandering around twitter and trump and Carson zombies are running wild that now that they have secret service protection, obama is going to take them out with his goons. Last week they demanded trump and Carson have secret service protection, this week it's a sinister plot.
You can't make this up.

Du unhinged again over AA posters.

It's like instead of gaining any insight they're insisting anyone who doesn't agree with them is directly attacking them.

Watch the Va race tues

I think it will give an indication of how things will go in 16. There are 2 districts in the outer Richmond suburbs that may tilt the state senate to a tie and take control from the GOP. Chesterfield and western henrico have been GOP strong holds but the area has become less rural and demographics are changing. There's a growing asian and mid eastern culture that is majority dem. Also dems in Virginia are running on gun reform for the 1st time since I can remember.
I have no doubt dems can win if they can turnout the minority vote. Let's see what happens. Terry McAuliffe also a close Clinton ally is our governor. He won inspite of the meme that everyone hates Clinton and he is unapologetic about being a dem. Call him 3rd way if you want. But sincerely with all due respect, get over it. Under mcaullife he has used executive order to reverse the prior gop governors attack on state health dept regs to further limt abortion care and he is a strong supporter of gun reform.
We elected McAuliffe so lets see if dems can hold together.
The election is Tuesday Virginia turn out the vote.
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