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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
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Reminder to vote

Virginia has off year elections for county and state offices. This is where the right-wing wins in Virginia, this is how we wind up with closed abortion providers this is why we have to vote in every election. A warning to those of us living in where the hell am I, virginny. Many local right-wing extremists are running for county positions as Indies. Don't automatically vote for whoever is not gop without knowing who that person is. A nice middle aged woman came to my door with a petition a few months ago to get on the ballot for county court clerk. I asked her why indie and she said the GOP was too liberal. This is how they start, they run for a county seat and then move on to run for the legislature.

Schiff is exposing the partison attack on hrc

And the superpac against Hillary

I love the liberty lovers

Lock up a bunch of people for being sick.

Agree there

And if they want to site the founders, the founders expected you to present your arms for muster. To me that says the founders felt perfectly OK with regulating guns.
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