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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
Number of posts: 3,580

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Peace activists are waiting for sentencing


So kitty showed up on my porch last night seeking shelter from the storm

We got the snow and ice here last night/this morning. About 2am my good dog Joe was barking and whining at the door, so I let him out and went out to make sure the horses were ok and the 2 stray hound dogs I put up in the garage were ok and Joe came out of woods with an ice covered cat following him. The hound dogs showed up before the storm, neither have collars and are quite thin but poor cat was covered in ice, my good dog Joe is one of those that takes care of all animals, I think he knew she was out there and brought her to safety, he seems to know the stray hounds also, I'm going to have a talk with him about this animal rescue thing he's doing. Cat is doing fine, she's dry, ate and is napping now.

Randy Paul really made me lol for real

I loved how he bashed Christie for shutting down a bridge, the friggin teabags in congress shut down the federal government for gods sake.
This is going to be the funniest gop primary ever.

Make every vote count

This is why we vote, the AG vote was very close in Virginia and every vote made the biggest difference in which direction the state is taking now with Herring as Ag instead of Obenshain


MLK day

his anti war speech

Small step in the right direction in Virginia


And this is why it matters to vote in every election, we now have a dem governor who will sign this bill if it gets to his desk

This is why I will always vote dem


Oh dear, kookienellie conservatism spreads like gonnerhea


Virginia voters need to vote dem down the line or no one will have any fun in this state

Amiri Baraka died, rip, great activist and human


I met the man several times and was lucky enough to spend a few hours talking to him about poetry and civil rights decades ago. I lived in Newark during the riots and the rise of the black power movement.

Hello, I'm new here

My name is Linda but I go by gwheezie {one of the young fellas who is a regular patient where I work said to me one day, grammawheezie when are they going to make you retire and I said when you stop smoking crack, so from then on my name here has been grammawheezie}. I'm in my 60's, live in where the hell am i, virginny and female. I've been a liberal since I 1st heard of my political hero Shirley Chisholm back in the day. I am probably fairly centrist however passionately believe that left needs to keep pushing some of us old farts back to our roots. I hope I contribute something worthwhile to any discussions here.
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