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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
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I remember when bc was illegal

I was about 12 or 13 years old and had an extraordinary discussion with my extraordinary grandmother. She was the one you could call and say "I'm really in trouble". So we were talking about sex and babies and wound up talking about an abortion she had. It was during the depression and it was illegal. And we talked about preventing pregnancy. All the old methods some effective some myths some dangerous. I was appalled and started reading more about why girls had to risk pregnancy when they had sex and it radicalized me.
So at age 13 in 1962 I stood in front of my 9th grade class and presented an oral book report on Margaret Sanger. It would be an understatement to say it created a shit storm and of course my parents had a difficult time explaining my behavior. They were informed I and they could get in lots of trouble talking about birth control. I did not make any more speeches in school about birth control.
I wound up going to planned parenthood when I became sexually active, thanks to Sanger but did wind up getting pregnant the pill and iud we're not available. I had a baby way too young but not sorry for having her. I still could not get bc pills because even though it was post Griswald it was 1969 prior to Baird and every doctor asked for my husbands permission. I didn't have a husband. By this time I belonged to a women's rights group so luckily when I got pregnant again I was able to find a good abortion doctor and didn't wind up dying over having sex. My women's group was very active in a variety of areas. We ran a free child are co op in a room we took over at the university. We ran a drop in center. A group of us rented a large house and lived there. When we found there were no detox beds for females we took them home and detoxes them. We watched their kids. And we taught each other how to do menstrual extractions. In that decade I was turned down for jobs and paid less because I might have a baby someday. The greatest and most life changing event of my life was the day I got birth control pills for free at planned parenthood. Legal birth control changed everything for women. I could have sex without it limiting my potential by forcing me to have an unwanted pregnancy.
So I am telling this story of my life to preface my opinion of the hobby lobby decision. I take it personally. It is a decision made to control women. I believe there are people that hate the legal protections we fought so hard for. They don't want us to have jobs or go to school or have sex unless a man approves. This is personal. I have been slowly seething over the years but I feel it welling up. Between this ruling and the one forcing women to face a gauntlet of deranged dangerous loons in order to exert her right to control her body, I feel more angry than I have since I was a young girl.

Mr president do not send in the green berets

Msnbc is reporting Obama is sending in green berets. I like Obama support him and defend him but I will be in DC protesting if any military for any reason other than protecting the embassy.

I watched Hillary

Watched some of the townhall and the fox interview. I thought she was terrific I hope she runs I want to vote for her.

Dave Brat not making sense

listening to his interview with Chuck Todd.

What if Eric says fuck it allows votes on senate bills

What has he got to lose? He has 5 months left, I don't see him giving it up before his term is over.

Ray Boone-Richmond Free Press-RIP

His memorial service was today,he will be missed. One of my favorite Ray Boone moments was when Occupy Richmond was thrown out of the park on the mayor's orders, Mr Boone invited them to camp out on his lawn, across the street from the mayor's house.

Why did Rodger kill his roommates?

Did he give any reason for killing them?

Why I won't take a side in the Ukraine battle

I admit to knowing very little about most things, I accept gut reactions, filtered news, who controls the media but over the years I've tried to at least read the spin on both sides. So with that in mind, I've spent last night and this morning attempting to understand the battle in the Ukraine and the nationalistic rightwing influence within the protest movement concerns me. BBC has a few good articles explaining a timeline for the protest movement.

The war on women continues in Virginia

While dems have the state senate and govs office, we need to vote dem for delegate in 14, we need to change Virginia to all blue or the war on women will continue in Virginia
Every vote counts

Update on ice cat and hounds

Well, I took everyone to my vet, turns out the hounds had ear tats with a guys initials and a number and the vet figured out who it was and cat has no chip or anyone looking for it. I drove around asking neighbors, called animal control to deal with the hounds since they could return them to the owner, they were a bit thin however I left it to animal control so they could enter the property and see if there are any other dogs or if the owner has a legit reason for their weight. They were energetic dogs and otherwise looked ok, maybe they are just recovering from a hunting season. AC has the cats picture so if anyone comes looking for her, they will call me.
Anyway, I put pictures up of the cat at the 2 vets and feed store. My vet said she is probably neutered but is very furry so it's hard to see a scar. Vet agrees she is a pet. Got her a rabies shot, and I figure she lives here now. I kinda named her Bella. I am ambivalent about her, I am falling in love but she is such a lovely cat, if she is a lost pet her humans must be worried.
My vet is a saint and gives me a huge break on the bill when I go in with a stray, she has worked on strays for me for only what it costs her to treat them. And on the occasion I've brought in a stay too sick to save, she will not charge me for putting it down. That's happened twice with 2 really sick hounds that were too sick to save.
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