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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
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Am I really not finding help

Or am I avoiding pain? I don't know. I really think I'm not finding help but I admit to the possibility I could be avoiding dealing with what I think is a kinda complicated set of feelings about the death of my husband.
The grief counseling I have available to me is through the hospice my husband was briefly connected to that is in the system where I work and the care he got was poor bordering on torture. Plus the office I'm supposed to go to is 65 miles one way from my home and they are not available after 4 pm which is more than difficult to get to.
When I called to ask if there was something closer to me she gave me a hotline number that turned out to be a contest to win a trip. My suspicion that this hospice is a joke had been confirmed. So I do have anger issues. But again I am considering that Iau be avoiding pain.
My other avenue was finding a support group but can't seem to find one local to me. There are pet bereavement groups closer. I almost think if I don't refer to tom as my husband and let people assume he was my cat, I might be able to unload some of this anger. But again I admit the anger may be an easier emotion to deal with than the crushing loss of someone I loved.

I could use some help-grief

Some of you might remembers husband died in August. I'm trying to find some online support sites that are active and not terribly religious. Also open minded and tolerant since my husband and I had a not very traditional marriage.
I tried a support group offered through my job but it's very religious focused and I found myself defending my atheism rather than working on the crushing loss I feel. Maybe if I could be a bit more anonymous it would be easier.

I've never restrained anyone who didn't fight back

The woman was cuffed, on her back in the police car. She kicked him. What was the purpose of punching her? Get out of the way and close the door of the car. No you are not supposed to punch someone if they kick you if you are the police. She was cuffed on her back in the patrol car. Punching her was retaliation for the kick. No you can't do that.

MHP doing a terrific show on the killings of black males

I have been paying attention to Agnew from dream defenders since they did the sit in at Rick Scott's office. He's really grown I have a lot of respect for the work he's doing. So many leaders emerging from this struggle, coming up from ferguson also. I bet some of these young folks had no idea they were going to take on these roles. The country needs to thank them.

Thank you richmond va protesters

I had to work last night but everyone I worked with was talking about the protest on broad st. We're a bunch of old farts but you folks inspired us. Thank you this isn't a nyc or ferguson problem. This is systemic and needs all of us to not let up.

Tape of 12 yr old being killed next ronan

The mom wants the world to see what happened to her.

We need to love these young activists

I'm so impressed with these young people. What a transformation for some of them. We need to love them, thank them and encourage them. Our leaders are rising up. I hear disappointment from some of them but let's tell them how dynamic they are and how the country will look back at their actions now and say that was the start. The dreamers, owe, ferguson activists around the country-thank you thank you.
I remember in 1965 the 1st war protest I went to. It seemed like such s hopeless failure but we learned and pushed on and made mistakes and got worn out but some rose up and learned to lead. The politicians are not going to change things. You are going to change the politicians. Thank you.

Do you want to quarantine all staff

working with Ebola patients? I am reading that some of you are angry with Dr Spencer that he didn't self quarantine so what about those who are currently taking care of patients should they be allowed to take the subway home, take a cab, go to a store etc? Should they be allowed to leave the hospital at all? What about the housekeepers? Are all these people irresponsible if they go out in public?

We're going to have to build that wall on the northern border

I am very concerned for the people of Canada and their armed forces. What a senseless tragedy. I hope it is resolved quickly.
I'm wondering when Ted Cruz is going to demand we start building that wall.

The news is full of idiots boston and khorason a

All of them are not mentioning the connection between the boston bombing and khorason. For gods sake they reported on this just over a year ago. They are calling them unknown? WTF they reported on this.
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