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Member since: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 01:58 AM
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This weekend several states celebrate juneteenth. I'm attending the weekend with several friends. If you live in one of the states that celebrate juneteenth, I urge you to attend the activities.

Slager indicted for murder

For the murder of Walter scott

Lincoln Chafee?

Who saw that coming?

feidin Santana very smart guy. very brave man

Very smart that he left the police station and didn't turn over the phone. He wanted to do the right thing and he did. He is correct that he should fear for his well being. I would be proud to have a courageous man like that in my community.

A conversation about the speech

I watched the speech at the gym and had a conversation with a couple of other white folks about the speech. my neighbor on the treadmill made comments that obama was blaming white people who had nothing to do with past institutional racism since we passed all those laws years ago. Oh dear.
We actually had a civil discussion but what rendered her speechless is I asked her since she believes there is no longer institutional racism then what does she attribute the disproportionate unemployment rate, incarceration rate, lower income, etc etc among black folks to? I said to her so if you think we are past the effects of goverment and societal racism then do you believe that black folks are just not as smart or lazy or more criminally inclined than white folks? She was literally speechless.

Marissa Alexander on MHP show n/t

Another great MHP show

I love her. Another great show covering Paris. This is the conversation you don't see elsewhere on cable news.
Her show rarely misses the mark.

White silence and MHP show

She's doing a segment that touches on this right now. Many excellent points.

Am I really not finding help

Or am I avoiding pain? I don't know. I really think I'm not finding help but I admit to the possibility I could be avoiding dealing with what I think is a kinda complicated set of feelings about the death of my husband.
The grief counseling I have available to me is through the hospice my husband was briefly connected to that is in the system where I work and the care he got was poor bordering on torture. Plus the office I'm supposed to go to is 65 miles one way from my home and they are not available after 4 pm which is more than difficult to get to.
When I called to ask if there was something closer to me she gave me a hotline number that turned out to be a contest to win a trip. My suspicion that this hospice is a joke had been confirmed. So I do have anger issues. But again I am considering that Iau be avoiding pain.
My other avenue was finding a support group but can't seem to find one local to me. There are pet bereavement groups closer. I almost think if I don't refer to tom as my husband and let people assume he was my cat, I might be able to unload some of this anger. But again I admit the anger may be an easier emotion to deal with than the crushing loss of someone I loved.

I could use some help-grief

Some of you might remembers husband died in August. I'm trying to find some online support sites that are active and not terribly religious. Also open minded and tolerant since my husband and I had a not very traditional marriage.
I tried a support group offered through my job but it's very religious focused and I found myself defending my atheism rather than working on the crushing loss I feel. Maybe if I could be a bit more anonymous it would be easier.
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