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Profile Information

Name: Bob
Gender: Male
Hometown: Kenosha, WI
Home country: USA
Current location: Kenosha
Member since: Tue Dec 24, 2013, 02:17 PM
Number of posts: 347

About Me

Lifelong democrat, anything less would be inhumane and scary.

Journal Archives

Find The Water Leak

In the past few days, we Wisconsinites have experienced sub zero temperatures.
We all know that to prevent pipes from freezing, we need to keep the areas where pipes are at exposed to a heated environment and to allow water to run or trickle to help prevent freeze ups.

I live in a apartment complex where there are four duplexes, side by side units.
Pipes froze and when they thawed, they broke, leaked, and we experienced low pressure and volume in our unit last year.

This time around, everything seemed normal, good pressure and volume. Til the night before last. We are repeating the low pressure and volume again, and I suspected a broken water line somewhere in one of the apartment feed lines.

I called our apartment maintenance man, a cobbler extraordinaire, he never fixes stuff the correct way, his work in doing repairs is mediocre at best. I told him we're experiencing a pressure and volume drop. In our conversation, he stated he came over and did not find low pressure or volume in any other apartment unit. I asked if he'd found any frozen pipes or leaks in any other units. He claimed there were no leaks, but did say that apartment # 8 had ice in the toilet.
A note: apartment # 8 is now occupied by the same idiot who resided next to us last winter, where the last pipe break occurred. Last year, he went to visit or live with mommy for over a month, when he came back, the maintenance guy told him he needed to heat his apartment while being gone. Last year, according to the maint. guy, was the second occasion where occupant turned his heat down so low, pipes froze and burst when they thawed.

I have a scheduled appointment with the city's water utility today, and they will tell me if we have low pressure and low volume by testing faucets with a PSI gauge. I'll be posting the results later.

What do you think?

Which is worse, stepping in

dog shit, or only receiving a 1% pay raise in only 4 years?

Got Snow, I'll Be Right Over With My Snow Blower!

The REAL Police State = Russia

Today while watching the news on TV, there was a news clip showing Russian either (police or army) stopping citizens, putting them up against a wall, while other security forces frisked the people (citizens) being detained, the security force standing by watching what was going down, held their rifles waiting. Several of the people being detained and searched were wearing t-shirts and blue jeans. What were those people being searched for? letter bombs?

After the Boston Marathon bombings, I saw American police responding to the scene of the bombings, while other officers tried to secure the area for evidence collection. When NYPD went through city blocks looking for the perpetrators of the bombings, I never saw any officers detain, or put American citizens up against a wall and submit them to searches.

I've heard it over and over again how America is becoming a police state, I believe that analogy is incorrect. Our citizens are at the very least protected from unreasonable search and seizure under our constitution.

If you're a citizen in Russia, you must not have any rights to come and go as you please without the authorities wanting to stop and search you because they're looking for perpetrators. How can people wearing ordinary t-shirts conceal bombs large enough to cause the type of destruction that occurred during the last two terrorist attacks in the country? No rights in Russia IMHO.

The Silver Fire, During and After Photos

The Gila National Forest Silver Fire was one of the most devastating last year in New Mexico. View the photos in the link of during firefighting operations, the aftermath and recovery of wilderness. Excellent action photos!




We have been to the areas burned by the Silver Fire. Fortunately, Wrights Cabin, a historical marker was saved by the hard working fire fighters.

Republicon Agenda 2014, Repeal ACA

Oh, more of the same coming from the Reich Wing, are we at all surprised?

And here's turtleman!


More of the same old bullshit. Don't they have anything better to do like try to repeal Roe v Wade? oh, wait...
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