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Member since: Tue Dec 24, 2013, 08:39 AM
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Midterm Voter Intimidation Is Actively Happening in Florida

Midterm Voter Intimidation Is Actively Happening in Florida

I am a resident of Broward County, Florida. I live in the city of Plantation where a local man was recently arrested for targeting 13 people who are politicians and/or political supporters. He had sent homemade bombs to them in the mail. I live just over 12 miles away and on the same road as Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were shot, murdered in cold blood. This is my neighborhood.

Like many registered voters in Florida, I have received a barrage of text messages to my phone this election season. This is the first election that I remember receiving such texts. At first I didn’t think much of the phenomenon. But when they kept coming I started to get agitated. That’s when I began to reply to the messages.

“Please Stop"

Further in the article,

But just as I had this glimpse of hope for this new technological phenomenon, something else happened. Today, the day before the election, I received a different kind of text. And this one was meant to intimidate me. It read: “Public Records will show whether you vote in this election or not. You and your neighbors can look up who voted. Be sure to vote: BeAVoterInFlorida.com”

If you type that web address into your browser you will be redirected to a clubforgrowth.org which is a site for “Fiscal conservatives on a mission: Winning Freedom. Electing Champions.” If look the group up on Wikipedia you’ll see that Club for Growth is a Political Action Committee. All throughout their site they are advocating for President Trump. Furthermore on their site they list the Republican candidates they endorse:



I went to middle school with Christopher Benek. He's currently a Pastor and an expert on AI.

It is CRAZY to think republicans believe its acceptable to intimidate even their own voters!

Candidates urgently needing extra funds?

I am looking to donate to democratic candidates who urgently needing money. If you know any, please post on here or send me a message so I can send money their way. Thank you!

I'm really starting to see the resemblance in their eyes!!!

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Approaching one year of unemployment after being laid off, it's not getting any easier

I've applied to over 160 jobs, interviewed for dozen positions, and 1 short-term contract that lasted for two months.. Where are the jobs that are supposed to be created by the tax cuts? It is not spurring job growth. All of the positions that I've interviewed, were vacant because a worker quit or was fired. None of the jobs was because of growth or expansion. And I haven't had an interview for awhile and i believe its not going to get any easier while Dump is president. I have never been without a job in my life and never struggled like this in finding one.

We don't have any debt other than our mortgage, which thankfully we don't have to pay for 2 years with the assistance we receive. I considered going back to school, but the only way I can afford it is with loans and I don't want massive student loan debt. I worked hard for 8 years to payoff my student loans. There are no programs that WIOA will pay that is considered suitable for my BA in psychology, other than Nursing, which I wouldn't make a very good nurse.

So, I am at crossroads of my next step. I work with talent specialists at the unemployment office and they're not helping. All they push is factory work with no stable work schedule. Our son is disabled, so my wife and I must coordinate our schedules around his therapies. My wife has always been stay-at-home to care for him and we were financially well-off before being laid-off. Thankfully my wife's friend offered her a job at a daycare until I can find something, but that barely nets $400 bi-weekly. So in the meantime, I'm caring for our son and I'm pretty much exhausted from applying to jobs. I have ideas for home-based businesses and invented a product but all of that takes so much capital, I will still need a job before that can take off.

I simply don't know how things can get better. I even do various volunteer work on a weekly basis. None of that matters to employers, I guess they are skeptic of the future. I have thought about taking time away from job hunting this year and just help democratic candidates in the November elections.

I believe dump's honeymoon riding on Obama's economy is about to end

Despite job/wage gains and supposedly increased consumer confidence and spending, companies beating expectations, the stock market continues to decline. All of this is Obama's economy but nobody's investing in dumpsters economy. I am expecting a huge selloff and bear market around the corner.

In preparation, today I sold my entire portfolio in my 401k and transferred to a money market and bonds.

Withdrawing from 1 day of using Thrive..never again, ugh!

I am crashing hard after one day trying that stuff. I don't have blood pressure or tachycardia issues, but i probably do now! I simply don't like how i am feeling and am debating if i should go to the er. Feels like my heart is beating outside of my chest.

The in-laws pushed me into trying(or basically sell to me) thrive after my wife told them that i was researching the best supplements or herbs for my blood sugar issues. I currently take metformin but dr suggested i may need to start insulin if it doesn't go down. Before trying Thrive, I started my own regimen on wednesday. Which consisted of few herbs, creatine, and an amino acid. By friday, my blood sugars were starting level off and stay below 180. Before it was in the 280-400 range.

So other day the bro in law dropped off a free starter pack and said to let him know how it helped after trying it on Saturday. I really didnt want to try it because i had my doubt with the stuff and what i was taking seemed to help. I didn't take any of my supplements while trying thrive but all day i felt wierd, almost out of body like experience. I was numb and jittery all day. Now it's 2am and i still haven't slept! I can feel it wearing off, but not it's enough.

Found Republican Senator Joni Ernst's Facebook Personal Profile, Message Her on Healthcare vote.

You can find her personal page by searching facebook's email messenger, but not by profile search, it won't come up that way. click on the email button and click new message and start typing Senator Joni Ernst and her personal profile will pop up. profile picture is of her, husband, and her daughter. most of all politicians personal pages are unsearchable but hers came up. so it is worth a shot to email her. definitely be respectful and straight to the point when messaging her. no slandering or anything like that.

I think she is expected to vote yes on healthcare bill. we could possibly change her mind. but again, be courteous and respectful while explaining why she should vote no.

To any republican senator reading this, please vote NO to Trump's Healthcare

This is a long shot but this is serious for me and my family. If ANY republican senator were to read this message, I ask that you vote NO to Trump's health proposal. The reason is because I was recently laid-off from my job with no company severance benefits. Unemployment benefits and savings prevents my family from getting medicaid, so we are insured with an Obamacare plan. If ACA goes away, my family and children will not have health insurance. My wife is a stay at home mother to care for our children. Please, i ask that you vote no. Thank you!

Mick Mulvaney hates helping children who have been abused.

Mick Mulvaney hates helping children who have been abused physically, emotionally, and sexually. He celebrates closing of children camps that help keep our children safe. If this is something he celebrated and support, only imagine what else he will come up with the Trump administration. Mick is an evil snake. http://www.carolinagatewayonline.com/content/camp-treetops-death-dream http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2016/10/14/tree-tops-kicks-off-with-80-home-sales-in.html

Excerpt from http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2016/10/14/tree-tops-kicks-off-with-80-home-sales-in.html

On Saturday, Tree Tops by Lennar holds a grand-opening event with Congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) speaking. Lennar has a line of model homes available to tour during the morning event.

Excerpt from http://www.carolinagatewayonline.com/content/camp-treetops-death-dream

The Camp TreeTops story begins with late Fort Mill businessman and philanthropist Fred C. Wikoff Jr. and his donation of the property to the nonprofit Family Center, an organization he helped establish and support to fight child abuse.
By now, the arguments by opponents of residential development of the TreeTops property on Van Wyck Road are well-known: potential stresses on infrastructure and schools, frustrations with unresponsive county officials and the property's legacy as a camp for impoverished children.
With Lancaster County Council set to vote Monday, Dec. 8, on final reading of two ordinances that would allow Lennar Homes to begin work on an 835-home subdivision – a development agreement and cluster overlay zoning that makes the venture profitable – the latter argument is worth another look.
More than a mere appeal to emotion, the argument gets to the heart of the passions riled in many Van Wyck residents by development of the property, one they say pits a dead man's vision against those who would profit from its remains.
To most opponents, the villain is not so much Lennar as the property's current owner and seller, Mathews, N.C.-based Thompson Child and Family Focus, a 125-year-old nonprofit they say took over the camp in 2008, promising to keep the founder's dream alive, but eyeballing the bottom line all along.
"I would say they never had any intention of doing anything with the property," Van Wyck resident and former TreeTops board member Genie Graham said of Thompson. "They kept the property manager on a little bit and then they let it go.
"When they walked away, everything that people gave, everything that people built, was overrun by vandals. It was just atrocious," she said. "Everything Thompson said was a lie. They said it cannot be run as a camp and they knew good and well it could be."

My petition to Mr. Trump to keep ACA unchanged...Sign if you agree!



I am surprised they kept the petitions. I created the above petition to keep ACA intact and unchanged. They must have some bugs in the coding since it doesn't appear as it should. Oh well. Let us be heard!

Edit: not sure which link to use but try both. Having issues with both links but they both worked for a few moments.

"Mr. President: Give power to the people, WE THE PEOPLE demand to keep ACA unchanged...."

At its core, ACA ensures millions of people are insured & protected from financial catastrophes related to rising healthcare costs & protecting our health. Removal of its protections will threaten America's health and erode all progress made by previous administration.
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