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The dog isn't allowed on the bed...

Ukranian / Russian Order of Battle...

*sad trombone noise* Wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Take with a big grain of salt and call me in the morning...


Hat tip to Doctrine Man... - https://www.facebook.com/DoctrineMan

Retired Air Force Tsgt reunites with retired working dog...


It's 18 seconds that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Air Force Technical Sergeant David Simpson of Mulberry flew all the way to Germany to reunite with his four-legged partner, and the video of their reunion will touch your heart.

The two worked side by side for four years in Iraq, patrolling the streets and conducting security checks at military bases.

Sgt. Simpson retired last year, while Robby, his dog, continued in service. Now, Robby is retiring as well, so Simpson flew to halfway across the globe to adopt him.

Following this reunion, they're flying back to Florida to enjoy retirement together.


Aviation buffs... A question

What is the legitimate use of having the ability to turn off transponders on civilian transport aircraft?

I can imagine some on the military side but I'm coming up blank on the civilian side of the house. Thoughts?

Mike Rowe responds...

After an interesting thread as seen here:


I thought it was worth revisiting what Mike Rowe has to say in response to the recent flurry over his association with Wal-Mart. The article is much longer than 4 paragraphs and I encourage you to read it all here.


Selected paragraphs follow...

I’m back. Three days of press, five hours of sleep, four bottles of wine, a speech, a job offer, 5,000 form letters, and a couple of good-natured death threats. All because of a commercial that I narrated about American manufacturing paid for by Walmart. Press tours are fun!

Of course, I’m not the only one with an agenda, and Aimee knows it. Ori Korin is a spokesperson for “Jobs with Justice,” and she’s trying very hard to persuade people that Walmart is treating its workers unfairly. Aimee quotes Ori as being disappointed with my decision to work with “a company as notorious as Walmart.” Ori also believes I was “too quick to dismiss” the workers she represents.


We’re not enemies, Ori. We’re just fighting different battles. You’re trying to wring out a modest increase for people who feel unappreciated by their employer and unhappy in their work. I’m trying to get those same people excited about possibilities and opportunities that go beyond their current positions. Frankly - and I say this with all due respect - I don’t believe that your strategy is in the long-term interest of your members, or for that matter, anyone who wants to improve their lives in a meaningful way.


Think about it, Ori. Many of the workers you represent have jobs that could very well become obsolete in just a few years. Automation, technology, automatic checkouts...the writing is on the wall. But the skilled trades are different. Welders, auto technicians, carpenters, masons, construction workers, healthcare...these opportunities are real, and the rewards go far beyond the minimum wage - whatever that might turn out to be. Walmart may have cornered the market on retail jobs, but the world's a lot bigger than Walmart. Anyway, I want to help. Please forward your members this link. http://profoundlydisconnected.com/the-mikeroweworks-foundation-scholarship-opportunities/

"Smart" Guns hit shelves in California...

One of California’s largest firearm stores recently added a peculiar new gun to its shelves. It requires an accessory: a black waterproof watch.

The watch’s primary purpose is not to provide accurate time, though it does. The watch makes the gun think. Electronic chips inside the gun and the watch communicate with each other. If the watch is within close reach of the gun, a light on the grip turns green. Fire away. No watch means no green light. The gun becomes a paperweight.

The Armatix Smart System consists of a pistol and a watch that controls gun access and use. The gun will only fire if it is within range of this watch.

A dream of gun-control advocates for decades, the Armatix iP1 is the country’s first smart gun. Its introduction is seen as a landmark in efforts to reduce gun violence, suicides and accidental shootings. Proponents compare smart guns to automobile air bags — a transformative add-on that gun owners will demand. But gun rights advocates are already balking, wondering what happens if the technology fails just as an intruder breaks in.

James Mitchell, the “extremely pro-gun” owner of the Oak Tree Gun Club, north of Los Angeles, isn’t one of the skeptics. His club’s firearms shop is the only outlet in the country selling the iP1. “It could revolutionize the gun industry,” Mitchell declared.



Interesting that the technology is starting to hit the market. I am skeptical that it will catch on but who knows.

Side note : I think that this article relates more to technology and safety but I leave it to the inevitable alert

Is there a financial benefit to drafting Sam...

... To counter any potential losses?

Map Shows Which States Americans Are Moving To And Leaving

United Van Lines recently published its inbound and outbound moving data for the U.S. (This is different from the map from Atlas Van Lines we published last week, which actually shows slightly different data).

Seth Kadish at Vizual Statistix has compiled the data into a spectacular map that captures the migration flows.

It looks at which states had the greatest share of inbound moves as a percent of total moves.


Looks like everyone is moving south and west...

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