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Bird Lady

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Hillary Clinton yes, no, maybe....

At the risk of starting something I have a question...

When Obama and Hillary were fighting it out in the primaries I was not supporting Hillary.
Now years later it looks like she is in the same place she was then, the presumptive nominee.
I still have misgivings about her and her candidacy. I know there are many here who support her.

My concerns about her are #1 the circus the rw will make out of the election if she is the candidate .
I don't want to hear another thing about Bill and what he did or didn't do in private. I don't want to feel
like I've fallen into an alternate universe where twiddle dum and twiddle dee are the norm. #2 I was very
impressed with Hillary as SoS. I think she did great work but I think her instincts are to make war, her
hawkishness has always been a problem for me. Does this concern you?

I'm not saying if she is the candidate I will not support her...I would rather cut off my hands than vote republican for anything.
If she is nominated I will support her, but I would like there to be other choices with similar experience but less militaristic.

I was going to create a pole but I'm apparently not a star member??? What ever that is.

Bumper Stickers of Truth

I have decided there are too many people out there who don't get the truth in their news. I think most of them drive, so I have started a one woman education program I call bumper stickers of truth. Whether it changes anything is not really the point, if they cause just one person to think or become curious it's a win in my book. My first sticker says this:

Anytime you vote REPUBLICAN,
you vote against your own best interest

I have other things I want to say and will do so but for now I'll use this one.
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