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Bird Lady

Bird Lady's Journal
Bird Lady's Journal
May 31, 2014

Obama v. Reagan: Fun Comparison

Source: Daily Kos

Yesterday was Reagan's birthday. I share this post for with those who start dripping with sentimentality forgetting what he did, what his legacy is still doing, and worst of all, (for my conservative friends), that they wouldn't have liked him today anyway:

Imagine a world that never knew Ronald Reagan:

No Scalia, No Rumsfeld, No Cheney. No Bushes and all of their appointments and disasters. No funding of dictators like Saddam Hussein (Reagan propped him up big time) or psychopaths like Osama Bin Laden (that worked out well).

An America far less dependent on oil. A superpower respected for skilled diplomacy in ending conflicts, instead of starting them. And a healthy economy with a strong middle class instead of a world where the labor movement has been viciously attacked, and the middle class is systematically being dismantled. Under Reagan, corporations gained massive power to the point today where they have become "people". Unions, the worker's last protection, were severely weakened, and the socioeconomic gap exploded. He also bankrupted us, pouring hundreds of billions into wasteful spending, like the failed and ridiculous Star Wars missile-defense system. All in just 8 short years.

Reagan created the modern plutocracy. He introduced us to the whole "take from the poor, give to the rich" supply-side economics that we still suffer today. He turned compassion to the less fortunate to villianization... created the mythical "welfare queen", mocked AIDS patients, and let his fellow "Christians" know it was okay to belittle the homeless.

CEOs before Reagan made 78 times their minimum wage workers. Today, its almost 3500 times! Without Reagan, America might have had the same income distribution we had in the 1970s, which would mean we would be averaging $120,000 annually--not $40,000.

Reagan was the realization of Barry Goldwater's failed dream that put the GOP on the path of crazytown where it is today. He somehow managed to blend the selfish, plutocratic Ayn Randian economic philosophy with fundamental Christianity and wrap it all up into a cowboy, patriotic image that was as phony as this ranch. Bottom line. REAGAN WAS A BASTARD.

And we are still hurting. So when I hear the idiot conservatives longing for him on social media, the radio and the "specials" on Faux News, I want them to hurt. And the best way to do that? HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS.


Lest we let the canonization of raygun continue..

May 28, 2014

Hillary Clinton yes, no, maybe....

At the risk of starting something I have a question...

When Obama and Hillary were fighting it out in the primaries I was not supporting Hillary.
Now years later it looks like she is in the same place she was then, the presumptive nominee.
I still have misgivings about her and her candidacy. I know there are many here who support her.

My concerns about her are #1 the circus the rw will make out of the election if she is the candidate .
I don't want to hear another thing about Bill and what he did or didn't do in private. I don't want to feel
like I've fallen into an alternate universe where twiddle dum and twiddle dee are the norm. #2 I was very
impressed with Hillary as SoS. I think she did great work but I think her instincts are to make war, her
hawkishness has always been a problem for me. Does this concern you?

I'm not saying if she is the candidate I will not support her...I would rather cut off my hands than vote republican for anything.
If she is nominated I will support her, but I would like there to be other choices with similar experience but less militaristic.

I was going to create a pole but I'm apparently not a star member??? What ever that is.

May 13, 2014

Bumper Stickers of Truth

I have decided there are too many people out there who don't get the truth in their news. I think most of them drive, so I have started a one woman education program I call bumper stickers of truth. Whether it changes anything is not really the point, if they cause just one person to think or become curious it's a win in my book. My first sticker says this:

Anytime you vote REPUBLICAN,
you vote against your own best interest

I have other things I want to say and will do so but for now I'll use this one.

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