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Bird Lady

Bird Lady's Journal
Bird Lady's Journal
December 23, 2013

Living in the land of enchantment, hello DU

I have been here quite awhile, but never could get an email from DU until I got a new address.

My name is Linda and I am retired from civil service for the department of defense.

I breed birds, make jewelry, grow heirloom tomatoes, lilies, and photograph all of it. I have a three year old Brussels Griffon female, who is my heart. She is my child along with my 20 birds.

I choose to live alone, not because I have no other options, but because that’s how I want it. I am selfish with my time, energy, and space. I know this and do not see it as a flaw; I see it as the way to have a place without any outside noise or drama, which is integral to my inner peace.

Oh did I forget, I am a progressive and a political junkie.

This is just a short intro, I'm sure we will get to know each other more as the time goes by.

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